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4/26/2006 6:42 am

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There are at least two different types of people on this site and I call them 'friends with benefits" and "benefits with friends".
"Friends with" expect to start out with just meeting on the first date and "Benefits" come prepared to go all the way.
"Benefits bring the conversation around to sex Quickly and keep it there whereas "Friends" might only mention it in passing at the first meeting.
It is also in the touch, "friends" kiss your cheek, throw their arm around your shoulders and give you a gentle squeeze, or just pat your hand to show you they are listening or agree with what you are saying. "Benefits" stroke your leg under the table, pat your fanny or pinch your nipple to show you they are turned on.
I really enjoy being with both kinds of people and I'm not sure which kind I am. Which kind are you? Or are you like me and let the situation or other people you are with dictate your response.

MysteryDreamer 58F

4/26/2006 8:10 am

Well, I am the kind that is friends. I guess once you know someone pretty well, then it starts with stroking your leg!!! I am too shy I think to make that first gesture, lol.

SunnieLee 81F

4/26/2006 1:43 pm

oh i am definitely a 'benefits'..i get aquainted with my guys by e-mail, IM and phone and then we get that time i am ready and so is he..i know before meeting if he is someone i want to be friends with or have benefits with..i am a toucher and i hug as soon as i meet and then things go from there..

this is a sex site and so many lose sight of that fact..i am on here to have some fun sex--and if we become friends too that is great...

moonlightmile313 62M

4/29/2006 4:30 pm

Truthfully, I think I'm in both categories. When I first met my partner from this site, I disappointed her a little by not making a "benefits" type of move. It was over lunch and I'm not a hand-snaking-up-the-leg under the table guy. Since then, however, the "friends" aspect takes a back seat when we meet because we are so hot and turned on, sex is the high priority. Don't get me wrong. Conversation is a very important part and we converse regarding all areas of our crazy lives. This takes place between rounds ( hey, I am 50) and sooner or later the "friends" relationship fades in favor of the "benefits" time, a frenzied, sweaty, passionate phase that beats hell out of conversation but would not be the same without conversation. Can't be one the the other, personally if I don't connect emotionally, like I do with my partner, don't think even Cialis would get me busy time and time again. Sorry, rambling... Have a nice day

jakesnake2383 45M

7/13/2008 4:55 am

I like both to and sometimes I'm one way and at times the other

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