Welcome back...  

tge17 49M
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4/3/2006 4:20 pm
Welcome back...

After a few months off the site, I've hopped back on (pun intended). One thing I've noticed fairly quickly is the number of spam women (ladies, are there also spam men?), accounts that have great pictures, user names that are composed of random words with a large number in between, and profiles that are vaguely similar.

It's quite amusing to see two accounts that use the same picture pop up in your search radius (common p.c, those should be easy to filter out).

So to differentiate myself from the spam men, I thought I would update my blog. Is there a term out there for spam women? Spamen? ClickBait? I'm sure someone has come up with something.

So what can be done to combat the hoards of Spamen? I don't see many with blogs (can standard members blog?), nor do they usually have friends in their network. Of course, the best way to stand out is with a member ship.

Isn't it ironic that women are having to prove themselves as a genuine sex object now-a-days.

Hey, if your hot and people keep asking if your real, let's go to dinner and I'll give you a good testimonial!


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