Erotica #1 and #2  

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12/11/2005 7:35 pm

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Erotica #1 and #2

Erotica #1
On the way home from work on a Monday night, I stop by a certain friend's house. He is watching Monday night football. (I know he is watching me too.) I quietly underdress to stockings and garter belt and proceed to give him a blow job. Not a work is spoken. I know he is enjoying my touch. He comes. I dress and continue home. At 3AM he calls to thank me.

Erotica #2
.....and so if you are that unique, wonderful, brother in the hood and when you exit your cave, and if you feel that it is right....knock at my door and instruct me what to bring...take my hand and guide me to your truck and bring me to your space......remove my coat and shirt a black lace teddy...pull me towards you with my butt up against you ....caress my breasts....lightly pinch of my nipples....turn me around and look at me.. reach down to unbutton, unzip, and pull down my jeans, exposing the matching scant black lace panties....view my shaved me to completely pull off my jeans and slip into those hoochy mama heals...I see your hardness... I clutch my sit down....we both know I have been bad..and although you are not into this.. but let's just get it over pull down my panties...expousing my shaved pussy.. you pull me over your knee and withone slap on my behind.. it is over..I feel you hardness..I slip between your knees...I unbutton your take them of...I kneel between your legs.... my tongue circles the head of your member...I suck gently down your shaft and lick your balls and continue this motion until you direct me to stand..and then to bend enter my dripping pussy from behind.....I am in estacsy...I moan and want you to cum ...and you....

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