TV or TS you decide.  

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7/8/2005 7:20 am

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TV or TS you decide.

What follows are my personal views & should in no way be taken as anything else.


It's the honest truth that you are not alone, you may worry about all the feelings you have building up inside, but there are others who have been in your situation before and they will tell you that you can come through it smiling.

You first have to come to terms with what you are. A Transvestite or Transsexual. There is a difference which I will try and explain to you as I see it:-

A Transvestite is a person, not necessarily male (it can happen in women too) who has the desire to dress in the clothes of the opposite sex.

Transvestites have various reasons for this, two such being Sexual gratification and Feminine clothes. I will try to deal with them individually.

Sexual Gratification :

Some transvestites believe that as they do not feel appealing in their male persona and get an erection when dressing, that it is a sex based thing. (Turn on!) well this is something personal is it not !

Who is to tell you what is right or wrong. This may be the case for some but I can assure you that after a period of time the sexual feelings do subside.

However a TV does not then give up his dressing. Why? because it is something that goes a lot deeper than that. Believe it or not it is something that is born in you.

Feminine clothes :

Lets face it the fabrics have improved over the years for the male gender, but they can still be harsh or coarse and who said it is only the women that can wear the pretty stuff, in some countries the males dress is more elaborate than the ladies anyway.

It is only our Western culture that makes what you are doing so odd and maybe it is about time we changed it, even a Mallard Duck is more attractive than its mate and they mate for life.

So there must be something in it.

Most transvestites have had the desire to dress since they were very young, some may have pinched their mothers tights, underwear or other clothes to try on. It does not mean you are a Pervert either. It is a genuine condition for which there is NO CURE only treatment, so do not get stuck in that closet get out meet others and enjoy being what you are!!

There are three main reasons why men suppress the desire to crossdress, these are:-

1) The feeling that crossdressing is wrong.
2) The fear of the feminine traits and the qualities you have.
3) Wives and other people prefer that you do not do it.

Regardless of the reason, the crossdresser will not be successful in his efforts to suppress his desires for long periods. What you must consider are these two points:-

1) You should learn to accept yourself without feelings of remorse or guilt.
2) You should put all you fears to rest and take each day as it comes.

If you feel you must tell your wife or partner, wait for acceptance do not rush things.

That brings me on to the wife or partner. I would suggest that if your wife or partner is prepared to try and accept you for what you are. You must try to remember these pointers!

1) Do your best to become best friends.

2) Try to go out once a week together as a couple.(If you feel comfortable dressed, and you are sure of a secure place to go! ) Do not immediately believe in your ability to pass in public. Most of us have exaggerated views of how we look when dressed

3) Ask for their help and advice as you develop your feminine qualities.

4) Make her believe she is the most important person in your life.( If she isn't then why did you trust her in the first place! )

5) Let your love grow and develop and do not be scared to show it.

6) Let her help you with your problems and needs.

7) Never ever walk away when she is crying. ( If she has helped you through your problems, then the least you can do is be there for her! ) After all it is usually MUCH harder for the partner than it is for you.

Never talk to her in any other than a normal tone.

9) Never physically abuse her-(save your strength for Love).

10) Do not criticize her unjustly. ( Unless you are willing to accept critisism too and act upon constructive advice! )

11) Do not run her down in front of others. (This means not even family!) she has supported you so the least she deserves is your full support.

12) Do not try to destroy her pride or self esteem. ( She has tried her best to build yours so always respect her feelings too.)

13) Always treat her as a Lady.

14) Give her little present now and again to show you care.

15) Tell her your negative thoughts but in a kind, soft and gentle way.( If you have followed the steps above then she will only be too pleased to try to help you through.)

16) Remember that your partner will also expect you to go out in your male persona at times. This is not too unreasonable is it?

17) Always remember your commitment to faithfulness.

Finally if you always try to keep your partner involved when you are out making new friends and make her feel part of the experience, then you can expect her long lasting support.


Transsexuals are a different breed altogether they are unfortunate in the fact that they are trapped in the wrong body, they think, feel and are a woman inside and you will not convince them any different.

Unlike the Transvestite who only wants to be feminine for short periods of time, the transsexual needs to be a woman all the time, the only thing they can not do is give birth, but who knows, the way technology is advancing even that hurdle may not be insurmountable in a few more years. I am sure that it will be possible soon.

In my humble opinion they are not catered for enough in todays society.

Humbly yours

Terri Anne.

wyvernrose 39F  
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7/8/2005 8:28 am

Terri very good advice for both partners of ANY relationship, dealing with ANY issue well done

don't worry about mystic it isn't the first time he has thrown a hissy, he is the least tolerant boy on the planet which is why he receives the criticism he does, and he doesn't take criticism very well at all, I suggest you check the 'dates' on comments before you believe him to be attacked first....although he has deleted most of the posts now, mine he has had to do so individually that is probably really ticking him off as he would have had to have read every one of them while doing so....

anyway, good advice, I would also mention that partners wether married or casual whichever, do have a right to know about it, deception and secrets are the downfall of any relationship. if there is a need to deceive or conceal from a partner then it isn't a relationship you have, rather a fantasy.....


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