I'm Trying To Be Nice Here!  

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2/22/2006 8:49 am

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I'm Trying To Be Nice Here!

So my wonderful considerate husband says to me, "well now that you have found a couple of guys what are you going to do with the guys you have also been talking with?" I think, well ignore them of course. This is "06" and we live in a depersonalized world of caller ID, text messages, call number blocking, and unanswered emails. God forbid I should actually pick up my cell phone if I don't immediately recognize the number. I didn't speak to my own mother for three weeks after she changed her cell phone number.

So I set out to write a nice email, saying that basically, I met someone and am not looking to "Meet and Greet" anyone eles and by the way, Best of luck to you! Ok done, now I can get that off my list. My husband makes lots of lists, even makes lists for me. I told him if he was ever to get a tattoo, he should get a "To Do List" on his forearm. He didn't see the humor in that.

The first guy, sent a really nice note, saying he understood, but let's keep in touch, blah, blah, ... Immediately afterward he followed this up with a picture of his cock, saying "this is what you will be missing" Whoa, stop the press, forget what I said about not meeting anyone, that picture just changed everything!!!

Ok, now we women, know you guys all have one and I myself am fascinated by penises but in connection with the rest of the person! Unfortunatly for myself I can't put a bag over a guys head and fuck them, although I used to tell my ex-husband "Don't talk so I can pretend your someone eles."

Man number two takes a slightly different more aggressive approach after the kiss off email. . . so not even going give me a chance, huh? Politely I restate my previous email. He follows this up with sending me an "audition tape" over messenger. He then goes on to explain how "great of a lover" he is and he has heard that guys on AdultFriendFinder aren't into pleasing a woman. Now he is starting to really piss me off. I tell him, don't you think you are making a board based statement with no facts to back it up? Oh, well he has heard from women and he has the testimoninals to prove it. Yes, he does have a ton of testimonials, and that had acutally creeped me out a bit. I quess I have a double standard also, it's ok for me to have a lot of sex partners, but I really don't want to know all about yours and certainly not see 30 testimonials from some not so hot women.

And to be honest, 90% of the men and women on here will say they are "good looking and awesome lovers." Very rarely do you find a guy that will say "kind of ok looks" and if you do then you know they are real "Trolls" So, he keeps asking me about the video, "do I like it, what do I think?" Well, if I really told him what I thought I would say, "Wow, you are really hard up for one think and I think it is really not cool to show some poor woman face in the video and then email it every Jane on the net, who knows she may work at Safeway in San Ramon, I may recognize her!!! Finally, I just say "Best of Luck" and sign off and then of course block him from ever chatting with me again.

Man number three takes the "06" method and I never here from him again.

I guess no one likes to be rejected, even here in cyberworld. We forget that we are human beings that we do have feelings and desires and hopes and dreams even if they are fleeting.

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