I'm back!  

AughtMusedSpill 49M
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4/30/2005 9:22 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I'm back!

Of course, that's assuming that anyone missed me. I thought I would take some time off and see if the powers that be would fix the bugs that I experienced. I'm going to trust that they have been, and happily start to blog again.

I think the last post I made was about being stood up. I understand how things come up, but really...is it that hard to keep a plan? I'd like to hear from you all about how you handle the dreaded stand-ups [stood-ups?]

Oh and thank you in advance for wasting your precious minutes here...I'll try to be regular and make it worth your time.

passion8_lady 58F

5/1/2005 3:04 pm

hmmm... well sometimes things just go wrong... had this happen to me very recently... turned out to be a misunderstanding...

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