Why do they argue??  

teaser2009 35F
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6/14/2006 5:26 pm

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6/16/2006 12:02 pm

Why do they argue??

Ok so the last 2 days i've gotten missed calls on my cell phone from a number I don't recognize. I let them go to voicemail because i don't answer the phone if i don't know the number. Well today i thought "maybe it's someone i know!" and answered the phone...big mistake. It was some ghetto people who insisted that i was lying to them about knowing "claudio". FYI-i don't know ghetto people who "axe" me questions. Fucking hate that. So i hung up the phone after saying "nope, you got the wrong number". They called back...3 times to be exact. I kept hanging up. The third time I put it on speakerphone for my dad to hear...she said "listen white ho, youse hung up on me when i fuckin axe you a question! you disrespectin me! i come to your house!" i said (and i'm not racist by any stretch of the imagination) "Ok, you little ghetto nigger, stop calling my number. I've told you politely that this isn't claudio's number. I'd appreciate if you'd stop calling". she continues her rant so i add "i have your number dear, i will contact the police and tell them that you are harassing me. i suggest you stop" and hung up. I think we're done now

Whenever i call a number and i get told "nope, sorry no on here with that name" i don't CALL THE EXACT SAME FUCKING NUMBER! i think, hey maybe i have the wrong number!! yeah, apparently this little hoodrat hasn't heard of that and was persistantly calling. if she had listend to my voicemail she would have realized i'm a white girl named Nikki..not some fucking claudio.


here is her number though
1-618-741-4525 call if you want to....she's a bitch

STCMOguy4fun 38M

6/16/2006 2:51 am

I must be weird or something because I do not think that they should have done that, personally I say call the police for harrasment. Again that is just me.

Take care & better luck with the retard.


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