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9/6/2006 9:26 pm

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Things I am

I am a total homemaker. I want to cook you food, make you dinners, and treat you like the king I think you are.

I am a snuggler. I want to curl into your arms and have you play with my hair.

I am not possessive...if you want me, you'll come to me, i'm not going to chase you're a big boy and i'm a big girl...act like it

I am a little jealous, but only when it seems appropriate..the waitress flirting with you when i'm there? not a big deal..the chick you work with leaving her number in your pocket, that might piss me off

I am a sleeper..nothing makes me happier then sleeping with you. Not sex, actually sleeping with you, you snoring a little bit, and me holding on to my pillow.

I have very little drama. My baggage is neatly packed into one little suitcase that has nothing to do with you, and realize that. If i cry, it's not you, its this one thing that will always make me sad, but having you will make me happier.

I am a worrier. It's normal for me, it means nothing. I deal with it, don't worry bout it. Take it as a sign I love you if I worry about you.

I am a lover. I am passionate about things I care about and go all the way in head first. Please don't hurt me, I don't intend to hurt you.

I'm nikki...nothing else sums it up better then that. I am normal, smart, funny, caring and just a dorky girl. I love it though. I love laughing at myself and would love to laugh with the right person.

K, how's that?

STCMOguy4fun 38M

9/18/2006 10:14 am

I am back

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