I have it all figured out!!!  

teaser2009 35F
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7/12/2006 2:29 am
I have it all figured out!!!

Hahaha! made you look! No i don't! I wish i did, but i don't...sorry kids for making you all excited for nothing.

Ohh i do have this figured out though..what i want. I want a man who talks in silly voices to make me smile, who will sing silly songs with me, will smile when i just ramble on in the silence of the car (i don't expect you to listen, more often then not i'm just sharing the running dialogue in my head), i want someone who is intelligent (but not a brainiac, i don't need a damn know it all), someone caring....and someone who just wants to make me happy and being with me, makes them happy.

I think i can give that to someone, so i figured that i could give it to them too.

This all came from a conversation with my friend allison, the one who's party was saturday night....thinking that it's going to be 10 months since the accident on thursday has me terrified..and so thinking about the man of my dreams (number 2 on your scorecards, but number 1 in your heart---quote from my daddy) that i'll have again someday.

I'm cautiously optimistic that it can happen..do i think it'll happen soon? i dunno. I know with paul it was almost instantaneous, but i don't think they can all be that way...i think sometimes they have to be built. But then again, maybe not, maybe lightening will strike twice..i hope for all of my friends, it finds them, and the person of their dreams enters their lives...because even if i'm single forever, i'll know i had someone amazing for a short period....and that is actually what i have figured out.

Love ya kids!!


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