Happy Fathers day!  

teaser2009 35F
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6/18/2006 7:27 pm
Happy Fathers day!

So today is fathers day! and i'm lucky enough to have my daddy still, evn though last summer was a little rough on him. I got him a dart board and we ended up spending the day in the garage (where it was hung) playing darts. i actually went from totally suck to not being so bad at it. I was shocked at myself. Now i need to learn even more so that I can go to bars and be a dart shark..hahaha do they even have those? would be funny if they did.

bad thing though was that my bike fell onto my car and put a big scratch in it. NOT FUCKING COOL

Ohh yesterday i went to the baseball game, it was great! gotta love the ones that seem like it was a run away success and then it turns out to be a closer one at the end. Afterwards mike and i went and hung out with his roommate Dan...i was gonna go to tim's but i had a hard ass time staying awake, so i came home at midnight and ended up staying awake until almost 4...what the hell is wrong with my internal clock? Now it's 9:30 and i'm thinking i should go to bed...but maybe i'll stay up. i have work early in the morning for some meeting. then i work tuesday and wednesday....then next weekend. sounds like a lot, but hopefully really isn't, we'll see

Ok kids leave a note for me!! what do your schedules look like??

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