Party time  

tease_n_plez 47M
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6/23/2006 1:00 pm
Party time

After have a few drinks and socializing the party gets started. A chair is placed in the middle of the room and the only lights are several candles. You're the host so you get the first dance. You sit in the chair and I begin and erotic striptease, rubbing on the other guests before I move over to you. You're free to touch my body as you help me strip to a thong. Your dance is over. The next number is drawn and he takes the chair. Before I give the new guy his dance a friend decides to tip me and I show my appreciation by giving him the grind of his life and than move onto you in the chair. Your friends have figured out that by tipping the dance is not only more erotic but they are free to touch and kiss me in almost any fashion. Each friend has his opportunity for the chair and I'm very appreciative for the tips I'm getting, so much so that I pull out a dildo and the bidding begins on who is going to get to FUCK ME with it. Each time the amount gets higher I show the bidder my appreciation. First is a lap dance, than I'm grapping your cock, next I'm letting you suck my dick, as the bidding goes up so does my level of participation and allowing you to fully experience my body. Finally a winner has been determined and I show my full appreciation by grinding/touching/sucking and allowing him to return any favor. Than I put the dildo in his hands and slowly lower myself onto the dildo and let him begin to fuck me. I can’t take the excitement any more and ask him to stop fucking me with the dildo and start fucking me with his cock. As he takes me from behind I begin to suck on another until he cums in my mouth. This turns into a fuck feast as I let each man bang my ass and I suck or jack off each member before the party ends.

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