Smile at the Camera  

teachlit77 41M
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8/9/2006 10:40 pm
Smile at the Camera

The camera is slowly on its way from New Jersey, apparently, to Iowa. Given the calm, steady friendliness of Iowa post office employees, I may see it sometime before the year is out.

Actually, the mail IS pretty good here. But that's what you get in a state where everyone knows who you are.

I've been studying various pictures of men and women, and am wondering how to show off my best assets. Suggestions are helpful.

But this is also a personal thing. As a child, I was horrified by the camera. Every time I see one I get that uneasy feeling a youngster has when they're sitting in new, overheated, uncomfortable clothes, trying to smile but also trying to fight off all those itchy feelings. I can't remember a picture of me that's been taken that I liked, probably because they all seemed so fake, and so many of them were posed.

So yes, I will be taking pictures of myself. Anus, penis, testicles, pubic hair, body hair, armpit, thigh, toe, eyelash, sternum, nipple, eyebrow, lips.

But I'll also be in charge of my self-image for the very first time. You might actually catch me smiling.

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