Bout of Shyness  

teachlit77 41M
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8/11/2006 9:30 pm
Bout of Shyness

Well, I've just returned from the nice cafe my friends and I were having dinner at. Every time the waitress came over, she'd touch my shoulder. I really hadn't noticed this until the three girls I was eating dinner with started to talk about it.

The waitress came back again and refilled our waters, and I looked up at her from the table, and she was rather striking.

Now, striking to me means long brown hair and what you may call, may call, a "plain face." Tanned blondes are lovely, and girls with short hair are fun (I'm trying to keep my options open, ha!), but this girl had the loveliest, long brown hair. And a simple smile.

Hazel eyes, I think.

I quickly checked to see if there was a ring that would inform me, and there was no ring. After she left the table, my friends chatted with me some more about how I should leave my number with her, or say something direct to her.

Fact was, I couldn't. I was still taken aback by her face and figure. And lord knows if I should trust a girl's reading of girl-language. But the more they chided the less eager I felt, and the more shy I became.

Sometimes, and just for a while, I'm shy. It's usually because I'm awestruck.

I paid the bill, leaving a nice tip, and no phone number. I was polite and said thank you. I didn't see the flirtation in her eyes, and I was afraid that since waitresses are generally friendly, sometimes having to be friendly to people who no one should be friendly to, that she was just doing her job and being casual about it.

Though I am afraid one of my friends may have left it for me. But, those are the funny things that happen in the world.

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