What a difference........  

tcman01 50M
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8/20/2006 7:54 pm
What a difference........

It's amazing how life changes once your divorced. Your friends step up and try to fill a void they can't even begin to fill. You get set up with the most outrageous people. What really sucks, Is at the end of the day you still have to go home alone. With nothing but your thoughts. I'm no super model. My picture does me little justice yet while I was married I was hit on by all kinds of little hotties. Being the loyal one I would just smile and crack a joke to ease the tension. Of course, In my alone time I sometimes wish I had taken up on some of them offers. I read one woman say that while she was married she couldn't get anyone to notice her. Now she's single every swinging dick in town is after her. Why is it the opposite with us males? Or is it just me. I'm happy with who I am. Being an artist so to speak, I do alot of thinking. Now my thoughts are darker. Not sinister but more about doom, hopelessness or feeling like you don't belong. I hope this isn't mid-life crisis time. UH-OH, I'm in no way gonna buy a sports car and crank the tunes. I'd rather become a monk then that. Oh well, Enough ranting for now.

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