Who was/is your 'best' lover and why?  

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2/13/2006 7:35 am
Who was/is your 'best' lover and why?

I was kind of reminicing the other night about all the lovers I've had in my life and I got to thinking, which one was the 'best'. Which one lover really did it for me, sexually and why??

Not meaning to brag or anything but there have been quite a few over the years, men and women, long term relationships, one night stands and everything in between.

But was there one that REALLY stood out from the others?

It was a tough question. Almost all were good, some better than others, but really all were still good. Shoot, is there even such a thing as bad sex? I'm not sure about that. At least, I don't think I've ever really expereinced what I would call "bad sex".

There were lovers who for one reason or the other were not that 'active' if you will. Not willing to experiment or try things. In other words, just lay there Others, especially when I was younger, who were just starting out (INcluding me) and not very experienced. Of course, that 'young love' is kind of hot all by itself isn't it? I mean, discovering all the sex with someone has to offer is fun.

Then there's the other side of things. Women I've been with who are/were VERY experienced. Who knew just what they liked and certainly weren't afraid to go for it...

Uninhibited, open, curious, explorers.

Those ARE my faves btw, both men and women. I'm one also

So, after much consideration and thought, the 'winner' is:

'Angelina Jolie' (Of course, that's not her REAL name, but you knew that)

Angelina was definitly my alltime favorite. No doubt about it. She was SO far above and beyond anyone else that it wasn't even close.

First, let me tell ya how I met her.

I was at Trader Vics (the outdoor bar) in Clearwater one night, very late. 2:00am. The place was pretty empty. I was sitting at the bar chatting with the bar tende who was a friend of mine. Nice guy, crazy as the day is long. He used to keep a cock shaped squirt gun behind the bar filled with milk, that he would use on unruly or wild customers.

Anyway, I'm sitting there minding my own business when out of the blue, in walks this very tall, nordic looking blonde. She was GORGEOUS. (It wasn't just the booze either Long legs, perfect body, looking very hot in her short little mini skirt. She sat down at the bar a couple of chairs down from me and was obviously somewhat tipsy already. She was loud, boisterous and obviously having a good time so to speak. As things progressed, she became even louder, drunker and finally a bit obnoxious. My friend the bartender finally pulled the dick shaped squirt gun out in order to hose her down a bit. Well, she took one look at that thing, grabbed it and immediatly hiked her skirt up and shoved it hilt deep into her pussy. She started fucking that thing for ALL it was worth.

I'm sitting there thinking, now THIS is my kind of woman

To make a long story short, I ended up taking her home with me. That started a 2+ year relationship that involved LOTS of sex.

She was amazing. Very open/honest, very sensual, very willing to try just about anything.

She was into light bondage, group sex, women you name it.

One night, she handcuffed me to the bed and got me to cum 6 times. I was DRAINED!

We had an incredible amount of fun and tons of sex virtually everwhere in the Tampa bay area. She just LOVED 'sneaking' around in public places, bars, bathrooms, you name it. Anywhere and everywhere.. She used to love going out on my boat and getting some sun off Clearwater beach naked. Not to mention having sex in plain sight of lord knows HOW many people on the beach! The more people around the better. She was insatiable.

Sadly, the relationship came to an end. (Long story) and I eventually moved away from Tampa bay.

I do miss her sometimes. None better. I learned a lot from her also, trust me!

So, who was YOUR favorite lover??

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tazzerman2000 60M
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2/15/2006 10:37 am

Open, curious, honest, willing to please all good traits. Mzhuny, hit's something else right on the head, sometimes your lover just somehow KNOWS how to do all those things you like. It's like instinctive or something. They don't have to try at all, just comes naturally. I've had a few of those and definitly, the girl I write about in the blog was one of them. She had MY number Thanks guys. -tm

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