Tazzerman's Excellent Adventure...  

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3/17/2006 11:31 am
Tazzerman's Excellent Adventure...

Reprinted from my blog on OP. (Man I wish there was a way I could combine the two instead of having to maintain each separatly)

Those of you who have been following this blog of late know that I, the Skanky Man-Whore, (SMW for short) has been VERY busy indeed.
Well, my sexual exploits definitely reached a new level last night folks.

I was invited to participate in one of the most mind blowing MMF 3-ways I've ever been involved with.

Yep, this SMW has finally met his sexual peers, to say the least

The case of characters includes:

The gorgeous and insatiable 'Jenny'
The very handsome and sexxxy 'Berry'
Yours truly the Skanky Man-Whore

In a supporting role, we have the 'Major' who, aside from introducing the SMW to Jenny and Berry, is currently serving his country and freedom loving people everywhere, in Iraq.

A little background first: Major and I met here on OP quite a while back. He and I traded numerous emails, spent hours on chat and talking over the phone. We had become quite good friends. Sharing stories and experiences, regaling each other with our sexual exploits

Unfortunately, our schedules just never seemed to align themselves to a point where we could actually meet.

Major had been involved with Jenny and Berry a couple of times and spoke MOST glowingly about them. In fact, he actually sounded kind of in awe if you will, of their sexual abilities, skill and stamina etc. Not to mention the fact that he thought Jenny was one red hot babe AND he promised me that Berry gave the best blow job he's ever had, period, barr none.

Well, as I stated above, the Major was called back to active duty. Before he left he told Jenny and Berry about little ol me, the SMW and recommended that they invite me over to their little play pen etc.

I, being the SMW that I am, was a) grateful, b) intrigued by the tales Major had told me, c) more than willing to step up in time of need and fill the Major's very large shoes.

Contact was made about a month ago or so and has is normal on this site and in all of our lives, there's a kind of ebb and flow. Some emails then silence, then some more emails followed by being busy etc etc. We've all been there.

Finally, the beautiful Jenny contacts me on yahoo chat.. The two of us spend what seems like hours chatting and talking, mostly about mundane things but as we progress, the discussions turn more and more towards sex.

She was feeling me out

We finally set a date, location and time. (Last night, their house, 60pm)

Needless to say, the SMW had butterflies in his stomach yesterday afternoon. BIG GIANT butterflies. Go figure huh? You know how many times I've done this and STILL, even the SMW gets nervous and giddy with anticipation. Amazing huh? I hope that never changes.

Now I know from experience out here in OP Blogland, that you guys REALLY don't want to hear about women, pussies, tits etc. I learned my lesson guys and I PROMISED I would never do that again. I plan on keeping that promise here BUT
it's going to be tough gents.

I arrived at Jerry and Berry's house early. I was supposed to be there at 60pm, I got there at 50pm. Of course, SMW is nothing if not polite, so I drove around the corner and called, telling them that I was early and if it was cool?

Jenny answered the phone and of course, it was cool. They were just sitting around waiting for me.

So, our hero, the SMW, arrives carrying a bottle of scotch, a big bunch of flowers he had bought along the way for the lovely Ms. Jenny, his ever trusty camera bag with his favorite Cannon Digital SLR and a myriad of assorted lenses and other goodies, a smile on his face and three packs of Marlboro's in his pocket.

I'm met at the door by Jenny and escorted in their playpen, er, huh home. We introduce ourselves, get comfortable, have a couple of drinks and commence with the typical small talk.

The pictures I had seen of them did NOT do them any justice. Berry is a VERY cute guy. He's a little short, maybe 5'6-7", short cropped hair and a great smile. From what I could see, sitting down, he also had a very cute little butt.

The small talk and drinking progress rather quickly and we finally found ourselves in the rec room playing pool.

Major had told me that this was their favorite way to break the ice, seeing as how Jenny is a little bit shy, and they typically use this vehicle to get things going.

They play 'strip' 8-ball.

Well, the SMW is actually a quite accomplished pool player, even though slightly out of practice, but I feigned complete and total ignorance of the game. ie, I let Berry win.. then I let Jenny win.

But that's ok, cause all the while Berry is ALREADY stripping is wife, slowly, piece by piece in front of me, with out any regard to the actual game of pool.

And of course, the SMW is NOT one to be shy so I'm grabbing a feel of everything and anything I can on both of them and finally, I just walk over to Benny, drop to my knees, undo his pants, pull his dick out and start a-sucking. HMMMMMM, very very nice cock. Average size, shaved smooth, cut, not to thin, not to thick. Juuuuuuuust right

Well, needless to say, this move by the SMW not only broke the ice, it crushed it.

The pool game become a memory as did the rec room. We all literally ran to the bedroom, stripped naked and hopped into the bed.

This was about 5:30 or so. From that point on, everything is one giant blur for me, of fucking and sucking, licking and fingering, sex in every imaginable position and combination that three people can do.

At one point, the three of us where so covered in a combination of sperm, baby oil and 'jenny juice' we could barely stay on the bed without sliding off.

This wild and crazy sex-a-thon went on and on and on. During one of the very few lulls, I looked over at the clock and it was 12:30am.

We had been at it, non-stop from 5:30pm to 12:30am!

Have you ever been with folks when it just clicks? I'm sure you have. Well this was one of those times.

The SMW even got a LOVELY footjob out of the deal. (Actually, I think it was more than one)

Not to gross anyone out here and I know I promised to leave the more 'womanly' items out, but I just have to give you guys this ONE detail.

Jenny was DP'd by Berry and the SMW multiple times and in multiple ways..

It was a first for her and she just went WILD. Ok, 'nuff of that.. I'll leave the rest to your vivid imaginations...

Anyway, this was Tazzerman's Excellent Adventure.

I also have TONS of pics. I just need to upload them, resize 'em

I want to thank Jenny and Berry for one of the most MIND BLOWING sexual experiences I've had. You guys totally rocked my socks off, drained my balls and did so with wonderful smiles on your faces I love you guys. Let's do it AGAIN!!

And of course I'd be remiss if I didn't thank Major. I hope your doing well over there and I am praying for your safe return, soon.

Besides, once you get back, Jenny, Berry and the SMW have decided that the 3 of us are going to give you the sexual experience of a life time my friend, in gratitude for your service and for your introducing us to each other...

Ok, the Tazzerman is going to go rest now and put some ice on his balls.

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