My first time.....  

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2/19/2006 5:58 am
My first time.....

Ok, so here's the obligatory 'My First Time' post.

I was 12, it was 1970, New Years Eve, Miami Beach.

Lets set this up properly.

The night before, I was in my aunt and uncles condo talking with my cousin 'Margie'. She is about 8 years older than I am and was very much like a sister to me. She asked me to run down and get her a pack of cigs from the machine in the basement of the condo.

I strolled down and came across a guy and two girls sitting on the stairs next to the cig machine. The guy was playing a guitar, badly I might add, and the two girls were swooning over him. They looked to be around 17-18 yrs old or so.

I got the cigs, turned around and was heading back when they stopped me and said howdy. (Friendly folks huh?)

Anyway, they asked me who I was etc etc and I told them that I was 'Jim' and 'Margies' cousin.

They all perked up when I mentioned my cousin 'Jim' and asked me if I could get 'anything'

At that time, my cousin 'Jim' was very heavily into the drug scene in N. Miami and they were asking if I could get any pot.

Trying to sound like the 'big man' I said sure, no problems.

We all sat and talked for awhile, I finally grabbed the guitar away from the guy and launched into my best rendition of Lola for em. (One of only about 3 songs I knew back then) and pretty much convinced them that I was a LOT older than 12.. (They never asked btw)

Anyway, they finally invited me to a New Years Eve 'party' at one of the girls parents condo. (It was in the same building btw) but only on the condition that I either brought 'Jim' or some of his wares with me.

Now, being the 'worldly' 12 year old that I was I told them no problem. To be honest here, even though I was only 12, I did look older. I could easily pass for 17-18 at the time, no problem.

Anyway, to make a long story short.... I went up to the condo the next night, knocked on the door and 'Heather' answered.. Before she let me in, she asked if 'Jim' was coming or if I had gotten any 'stuff'. I had and she let me in.

Well to my surprise, the party consisted of me, the two girls and the same guy who were downstairs the night before. That's it

Well, it turns out that 'Heathers' parents were in the Bahamas for the holiday and had left her alone in this wonderful penthouse condo with a FULL liqueur cabinet.

We preceded to empty it through the course of the night.

The booze, I had brought, ended up getting the best of the other guy and he passed out on a chair in the corner.

'Heather' and 'Valerie' were wild and crazy girls. Not to mention stoked on killer Jamaican reefer and waaaaay to much booze.

Of course, yours truly never let on that a) I was 12 or b) I was a virgin. Shoot, at that time, the farthest I'd ever gotten with a girl was groping my girlfriends breasts.

Well, we all danced, and drank and smoked and finally ended up on the couch, completely intertwined with each other. They both were bisexual and were VERY hot to trot so to speak. Being 12 years old, I had an instant and constant hard on.

They pulled my pants down and started taking turns sucking on my cock. It didn't take long for me to blow a massive load all over 'Valerie'. It also didn't take long for me to get another hard on.

I finally ended up on the floor with 'Heather' on top of me. She slowly lowered her self on to my cock and started fucking the shit out of me so much so that, to this day, I remember thinking if I was going to die or something. She was grinding herself on me so freakin hard that it hurt.

While this was going on, 'Valerie' straddled my face. Now, once again keep in mind, I'm a drunken 12yr old, staring at a woman's pussy for the first time in my life. I wasn't 100% sure what to do and I was a little intimidated to say the least. Well, that didn't stop 'Valerie', no sir.. She started rubbing her pussy all over my face and I finally 'got it'.. I started licking and eating her pussy for all I was worth.

The three of us sucked and fucked and licked and groped for what seemed like hours. We eventually ended up in the big bathtub together, so freakin drunk that we all could barely even move.

I ended up CRAWLING back to my aunt and uncles condo. Literally. I couldn't stand. I also couldn't reach the freakin elevator buttons so I ended up crawling down the fire stairs.

I got to my aunt and uncles place and knocked on the door. Luckily, they weren't home yet and their maid, 'Lupa', answered the door. She was Guatemalan and spoke zero English. She looked down on me and started laughing her ass off.

I crawled into the condo, back to my cousin 'Jim's room, somehow pulled to the cot out of the closet, unfolded it and crashed.

It was about 1/2 hour later, my cousin 'Margie' came home. She came into the room to see how I was, woke me up and was laughing her ass off. ('Lupa' had told her about my 'state')

I told her about where I had been and what had happened. She could not believe it. She was also a little jealous 'cause I had a better time that New Years eve than she.

Anyway, that was my first time. I'm 48 now and I remember it like it was yesterday.

Also, I never saw 'Valerie' or 'Heather' again after that night.

What was your first time???

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tazzerman2000 60M
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2/3/2010 1:16 pm

    Quoting fenris_call:
    Hilarious! How long did it take for you to recover from the after effects?
I'm not sure I have YET, 40+ years later -tm

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fenris_call 43M
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2/3/2010 8:10 am

Hilarious! How long did it take for you to recover from the after effects?

Sapere aude, cor ad cor loquitur. RaMbLiNgS oF a LoSt MiNd

uwannabmybuddy 60M

3/5/2006 12:07 pm

what a great story. I could literally picture the whole thing as it was ( you were) going down, haha. I was hoping however that the other guy was somehow involved . lol I have fucked some girls, lost my virginity as a young boy .... but didnt fuck a woman til I was in my twenties. I liked it ..... but not enough to go straight. I never ate pussy before either, and when that girl sat on your face, I just have to say, I don't think I could have done it. lol

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