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2/18/2006 10:43 am
Movie Reviews (Chick Flix)

As a public service, I offer reviews on some current (and not so current) movies. All are what I would consider Chick Flix but guys, I can vouch for each one. You can enjoy them as well.

***** - Excellent.
**** - Very good
*** - Average
** - Just ok
* - Why bother?

The Constant Gardner ***1/2
Ok, technically it's probably NOT a classic Chick Flic but hey, it's my review...

It's somewhat of a typical British flick. Almost pointless. No offense intended here, have you SEEN the English Patient?

Well, not 100%. It does have a point. It's humdrum plot is pretty standard stuff. Greed, money, drug companies and governments conspire to make money and in doing so kill off those less fortunate. ho hum. However, the cinematography is wonderful, especially the scenes of live in various African towns and villages, the music score is very good and the acting IS superb. Ralph Fiennes plays Ralph Fiennes better than anybody and Rachel Weisz is very good and quite lovely. Warning, this movie is VERY sad (hence the chick flic designation) I'd give it a 2 or 3 Kleenex score. It is beautifully crafted movie and well worth a watch.

Rumor Has it ***
This movie opened to scathing reviews everywhere but of course, that didn't stop your intrepid reviewer from going to see it anyway. Actually, my wife and I rather enjoyed this movie. It is light and stupid and silly but we enjoyed it anyway. It offered a number of very funny moments, most of which were produced by Shirley McClain. (She's just wonderful) Of course it didn't hurt watching Jennifer Aniston prancing around in tight jeans and revealing dresses either. All in all a nice, light comedy with quiet a few gags surrounding the Graduate movie.

Must Love Dogs ***
Definite chick flic here but I really enjoyed it. A cute little movie staring John Cusack and and Diane Lane. Diane never looked better btw! Very cute and light. One of the funniest scenes is when Diane Lane goes on an Internet web date and ends up meeting her father, played by Christopher Plumer. Also, very light, silly but funny. Is it me or is John Cusack getting better as an actor? I wish he would find a good serious role with some meat on it.

In Her Shoes ***
Yet another amazing role for Shirley McClain. Once again, very much a chick flic and possibly a shoe fetish flic also. Duh? Cameron Diaz surprises again with a VERY good performance. Personally, I think that she has the best pair of legs and the nicest ass in all of Hollywood. Toni Collette give us a very good performance as well.. There are some very funny moments as well as some good relationship based tears. This was my wife's favorite of the bunch.

Elizabethtown **** (My wife would only give it ***)
I REALLY liked this movie. I'm not sure why because really, it's predictable and has a very standard ending. I guess I just liked the images that Cameron Crowe put up on the screen PLUS it does have a fantastic music score..
The images were a very nice, fresh Americana set mainly in Kentucky. Images of small town life, family and friends mesh with the music score beautifully. Orlando Bloom is VERY cute, if you like 12 year old boys and what can I say about Kirsten Dunst? She's absolutely gorgeous, cute, sexy and just all around one of my favorite young actresses. Susan Sarandon puts in a pretty good performance and did I mention the music? Top Notch! (p.s. For those of you who are food network fans, Paula Deen has a very nice part in this movie. Where else? In the kitchen of course

Cya at the cineplex or DVD rental...

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