Incredible Sexual Experience  

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2/6/2006 7:57 am
Incredible Sexual Experience

OMG! I've been into this 'scene' for a little over a year now. I've met some incredible people during this time, both men and women, and I've shared some amazing sex along the way with all of them.

I've been involved in groups (3-7 both mixed and/or strictly guys) not to mention more one on one sex than any single human being should be allowed to have. Each and every experience has been fantastic. I have to be honest though, sometimes I wonder if my 48 year old cock will hold up Talk about being drained, sheesh!

Anyway back to the point of this post...

I participated in one of the all time greatest orgies this past Friday night. It was a 'mixed grill' so to speak that lasted from around 7:30-8:00pm until well after 4:00am the next morning.

This was a totally spontaneous, spur of the moment thing and I have to say that it was absolutely one of the top 5 sexual experiences of my life.

It all started 'innocently' enough with a contact from another web site named 'Mark'. He emailed me and we did the normal email/chat thing. This all happened Thursday evening. By Friday, 'Mark' was telling me that he had lined up a bunch of couples and individuals (both men and women) for a group grope. (It sounded like fun to me)

We decided on a nice little no-tell motel that I've used in the past and by Friday afternoon, all was set. We had 3 couples committed, 'Mark', myself and two other girls. All were bisexual BTW.

Well, having been at this for a while now, I figured we'd be lucky if half of those who 'committed' showed up.

'Mark' got to the motel first and called me with he room number, per SOP I got there shortly thereafter and finally met 'Mark'.

He was a VERY good looking black guy, in his early 30's. Well dressed, handsome etc.
I liked him right off the bat.

We sat and did the small talk/chit chat stuff, while watching the basketball game.

All the while, 'Marks' cell phone is ringing constantly.

Finally at around 7:30-8:00pm there's a knock at the door. I answer it and in walks a very sexy girl who we'll call 'Sara'. 'Sara' is in her early 30's also, very cute and she's brought lot's of bottles of wine with her. (I'm in love immediately

The three of us are chatting and there's another knock at the door. Once again, I answer it and 'Jack & Diane' join the party.

To make this part go a little faster, 'cause there's a LOT more to go here folks, EVERY SINGLE PERSON/COUPLE showed up and MORE.

'Marks' phone would NOT stop ringing. Every time it did, it was another person or couple who wanted to join us. OMG!!!

As normal with these types of things, everyone is a little shy at first. Of course, being the insatiable horn-dog that I am, I'm MORE than happy to start things off which I do with 'Sara'. I start massaging her feet and legs. I slip off her socks and give them a REAL good tongue bath. She's SOO tasty.

Anyway, this broke the ice and the next thing I know, 'Mark' in on her also. We strip her down and both of us go to work on her with our tongues.

Meanwhile, I see 'Jack & Diane' out of the corner of my eye and they're starting to get into it themselves. 'Diane' is a VERY attractive 40 year old woman with a KILLER ass and the prettiest feet and legs you ever saw.

OK, I've got to stop putting so much detail into this part of it.

Keep in mind, while all of this is going on, MORE people and couples are showing up. We finally end up with around 15 people in that tiny little motel room.

Everyone naked, and wait, here's the best part.. EVERYONE IN THE ROOM IS BISEXUAL!! Everyone.. Girls and guys. Well, to be honest, 'Sara' had her first encounter with another woman that night. A gorgeous black girl named 'Tonya'. We all helped her

But wait, it gets even BETTER (If that's possible) It turns out that 'Mark', is hung like a fucking Clydesdale folks. 12" at least, rock hard, not to mention the fact that he has the sweetest body and nicest ass on the planet. No lie guys. This guy is an Adonis of MAJOR purport ions.

Oh wait, there's MORE! I'll skip ahead a bit at this point and tell you that 'Mark' is 1) the Energizer Bunny of sex. 2) Completely and totally insatiable. He makes ME look like a fucking nun folks. Seriously. Read on and you'll see why I say this.

Anyway, not only did we have the initial 15 or so folks in that room but between 8:00-12:00, some left and even MORE came.. OMG. It was a never ending revolving door of wanton, hedonistic pleasure and debauchery. I've NEVER seen anything like this.

We all were drinking wine or Crown, there were naked bodies everywhere, literally every available orifice was filled with either cock, tongue or fingers, people were intertwined in all manner of positions and combinations.

Have you EVER had your body ravaged by 5 or 10 people ALL at once? I have. It's an incredible feeling, trust me on this. I was sucking and fucking and being fucked and sucked by so many people, all at the same time that I was completely lost in the moment. It was almost like an out of body experience. I was felt and licked and caressed and kissed and tongued by so many people at once, they all kind of blurred into one giant mass of sexual organs, sweat and lube.. Un-fucking believable.

But WAIT, it's not over yet folks. We're just getting warmed up!!!!

Around midnight, the crowd finally started thinning out until the only ones left were me, 'Mark', 'Sara', 'Jack & Diane'.

We all were taking a break, sitting around the table and just kind of basking in the 'glow' if you know what I mean, when Jack says to Diane, 'Damn, I wish I had brought that killer pot'. Well, that got everyones attention and to make a long story short ('Mark' yes I'm going to be kind to you here buddy we all decided to drive over to 'Jack & Dianes' to partake of a little greenage and to continue the lovemaking in more comfortable surroundings.

Off we go into one of those patented Indiana nights that I write about soooo frequently...

We finally get to Jack & Dianes place and get comfortable. A little doobage (it was killer and the 1st I've had in maybe 2 years!) and some more wine and some nice music and we're ALL feeling horny as hell again.

Jack asks me to help and we carry a queen sized mattress over to the living room and place it in front of the fireplace. Diane, gets some nice sheets and pillows and covers the mattress etc. We've built a WONDERFUL and warm 'love pit'

Well folks, the five of us precede to have the most intense sex that I've EVER experienced. Yes, even after all of the sex at the motel, this night was not over, not by a long shot.

Over the course of the next 3 hours or so, we ALL become one, quite literally. We did EVERYTHING that 5 people (3 guys and 2 girls) could possibly do.

At one point, John was fucking my ass while I was fucking 'Dianes' pussy. At the same time, 'Mark' was sliding his monster cock in/out of 'Sara' pussy and yours truly was sucking on her clit for all I was worth, alternating between her pussy and 'Mark's monster cock every few strokes.

Folks, this had been a fantasy of mine for YEARS and it finally came true. Un-fucking-believable.

Let me finish this long post with this: During this entire evening, from 8:00pm to around 4:00am, 'Mark' and his giant monster cock had been the focus of virtually everyone. The man had been sucked by more people and had fucked everyone at least two or three times and throughout the entire night, he did NOT cum once. Not ONE FUCKING TIME.

Well, 'Jack, Diane, Sara' and myself could NOT let this stud go without him FINALLY reaching an orgasm.

The 4 of us converged on him en mass. I fucked his ass, while 'Sara' (G-d love her!) straddled his monster cock. 'Diane' sat on his face and 'John' played around the margins, especially with both 'Marks' and my balls. We ALL made a concerted effort to get this guy off.

We did! He had one of the most mind blowing orgasms I've ever seen. OMG. It took over his entire body, from head to toe. Amazing!

Needless to say, he's IS the KING. No doubt. 'Mark' buddy, I get down on my knees and worship you. I will follow you WHERE EVER your wanton, insatiable sexual desires lead my friend.

I ended up driving 'Sara' and 'Mark' back to the motel room. They were planning on spending the night there.

I dropped them off and made my way home.

Saturday morning, (around 11:00am) I got on line and 'Mark' was already there, working on his NEXT sexual encounter. I could not believe it. He was already planning on being with another couple Saturday night. Not to mention the fact that he told me that he and 'Sara' and fucked for a good hour + after I had dropped them off.

Well, that's it. I now only have ONE fantasy left on my list (sucking off 10-15 guys at once) and really, after Friday night, I think that I accomplished it in more ways than one. Just added a couple of pussies in there for good measure. WOW.

Stay tuned. I hear 'Mark' is working on another orgy for sometime in the VERY near future.

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