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2/10/2006 7:38 am

Another 'reprint' from my OutPersonals blog) (Wish permission of course) LOL

If you read my previous post you know that I was in a VERY high state of anticipation yesterday, regarding my upcoming afternoon 'Business Lunch' with a new lover. Well, let me tell you, it turned out being even beyond my own expectations, in all ways

I met 'Zeek' on another website. He had sent me an email with a pic, saying that he was in town for business and was interested in meeting up with me. 'Zeek' and I emailed and talked on the phone a couple of times, traded pics etc. All the normal precursor 'stuff'.

While taking to 'Zeek' on the phone I detected an accent but could not quite place it. (Wasn't hard to 'detect' btw) I had asked him about it and he told me to guess. LOL

I arrived at 'Zeeks' hotel room yesterday at the proscribed time, knocked on the door and was greeted by a tall, lanky, good looking gentleman.

He invited me in and we went through the normal greetings etc. We sat and talked for a couple of minutes and I finally asked about the accent. He STILL wouldn't let me know what it was and asked me to guess. I thought about it for a few minutes and finally said, Turkish? He was a little surprised and laughingly said, nope. Hmmm, Farsi/Persian? He laughed even harder.

Finally he told me he was Polish. Aha! That was it

We decided to go down to a bar near by and have a couple of drinks. We got to the bar, it was crowded, finally got a table and ordered. All the while we continued with a VERY wide-ranging and interesting conversation. Through the course of the next hour or so, our conversation hit ALL of the major no-no topics. Politics, religion, history etc. Intellectually, it was one of the most stimulating conversations I've had in months.

It was incredible to hear his story. He was a member of Solidarity in Poland, as were all his friends. During the crackdown on Solidarity, he was lucky enough to be able to flee to America, his new home. The story he tells of what live was liked under a TRUE fascist/totalitarian govt are heartbreaking, The story of his father and parts of his family being whisked away in the dead of night by the Soviet secret police are heartbreaking. His father spent 15 yrs in Siberia in the Soviet Gulag. His crime, voicing his displeasure with the communists. He returned home a changed man, both physically and mentally.

'Zeeks' own stories about how he and his friends were ALWAYS on guard, lest they be overheard discussing political issues and arrested. He and his friends used to discuss things in the kitchen of his apartment because it was the one room that was in the center of the apartment that didn't have an adjoining wall to the other apartments. Even then, they would discuss politics in a whisper.

His story of finally fleeing Poland and going first to Amsterdam, then Paris than finally the U.S. is something that ALL Americans should hear.

His dream of freedom and liberty were and still are glowing like a bright bonfire.

His displeasure with the French and their anti-American ways, is something to see. He made it a point to 'remind' every Frenchmen that he talked to that if it wasn't for the Americans, France would have suffered the same fate as Poland under the old Soviet system. He was aghast when he was told that some of them think it would have been better if the Americans HAD been beaten in WWII. My GOD!

Here's a man that lived, first hand, and saw first hand what a true Marxist/Stalinist regime was like. For his job, he traveled extensively through the old Soviet Union. He said that as bad as it was in Poland, it was many many times worse in Russia.

His LOVE of America and all it represents was the single thread that he wove throughout our discussion. He's SO happy here and feels so privileged to be an American.

He can't believe the things he hears from the left in this country. He gasps when he here's people refer to Bush & co as Nazis and Fascists.

His own mother was taken to a concentration camp by the Nazis at age 16. Luckily, she survived.

He says that they have no idea what the word Liberal means and that their love for the various Marxist/Stalinist/Communist ideologues astounds him.

Being from Poland, he is a Roman Catholic (or course) but not practicing. He has the same opinion of organized religion that I have He was very interested in the fact that I'm Jewish and had LOTS of question. The conversation ranged far and wide, history, politics, religion even business, imagine that.

Oh, the sex part! I bet you were wondering if I'd ever get to that huh?

We eventually went back to his hotel room. We were still holding this wonderful conversation the whole way back and still into his hotel room.

He was sitting in the chair, I was laying on the bed.. Finally, being the major horn-dog that I am, made the move. I got up, walked over to him, got on my knees in front of him and slowly started to undo his pants.

Those of you who have followed my blogs know that this is the ultimate turn on for me.

He was wearing a pair of button front jeans. No zipper.. Well, I can tell you that the button fly jeans are just as much fun, if not more so

I reached in and pulled out one of the most magnificent cocks I've ever seen! WOW!!

Now, like I said, he had shared pics with me and I knew he was somewhat large and very thick but really, the pics did NOT do him justice at all.

I was staring at the biggest dick head I'd ever seen. It was the size of a small orange. (Maybe a little smaller than that) Even soft, it was huge. His shaft, in comparison seemed thin but it wasn't. It was thick also. His length was also a bit misleading due to that huge head. (It made EVERYTHING in the ROOM seem small in comparison)

Anyway, your faithful horn-dog, started to slowly suck that massive head. It was a challenge. Oh btw, did I mention that he was uncut? He was as most eastern Europeans are..

I pulled his pants and shorts down and found that he was wearing a leather cock ring that was around both his cock and his balls. Very sexy

He had trimmed his pubes and shaved his balls and his dick smooth. Very nice!

Being the oral type of guy I am, I could NOT get enough of this cock. I sucked and licked and stroked for all it was worth. He was moaning loudly when I finally stopped for a second to take off my own clothes.

At this point we fell into the bed and into each others arms, kissing and hugging with an intense passion. I could NOT get enough of him or of that incredible cock.

We sucked and stroked each other for what seemed like hours. I explored every inch of his body and he mine.

Finally, he came.

Here's where the story gets REAL interesting

A few posts ago, I asked about male multi-orgasms. I had done a little research and found a wealth of information about tantric sex practices. Mostly Asian and Indian. Well, it turns out that 'Zeek' had made a study of this as well. He had actually spent 2+ years practicing and training himself, using various techniques, so that he could control his orgasms. It worked!

However, after being able to control his orgasms, he found that after a couple of years, he had LOST the ability to actually ejaculate every time he came. He was left with never knowing if his orgasm would be dry or produce cum.

Yesterday, he had a dry orgasm. He was very adamant that I NOT go down this route. He would VERY much be able to have a normal orgasm and warns against anyone doing what he did. Interesting huh??

Anyway, 'Zeek' was the most wonderful guy and lover a man could ask for. If I was single, he is EXACTLY the kind of guy I could fall for in a big way. What a nice, intelligent, gentle, caring, gorgeous hunk of man.

Anticipation...... WOW! Well worth it I say

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2/11/2006 12:31 pm

I am a 22year old female hispanic 5'3 135 lbs.

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