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taurina_gal 45F
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8/13/2006 8:54 pm

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8/16/2006 1:03 am

this and that

hello to all you people. good day to a starting day of the week. also how's your weekend. had a "sexifull" one? lol. i would love to hear what you all have been up to. its good if we could share some of our stories among us. mine just a non-sex one. kinda cool sometimes, resting at home during the weekend.

i always took this opportunity to have the time for myself. i had a once-a-while-in-a-week great time in shower where i spent almost more than 1.5 hours there. as usual i only had my shower after breakfast- weekend shower is rather long, remember? lol. i hanged my towel and got naked once i entered the bathroom. i pee. took my own sweet time. washed up. then i brushed my teeth, followed with washing my face with the body shop cucumber facial wash. i took my shower, also washed my hair. after i rinse my body, i used the body shop papaya body scrub (see pic). that was my once or twice a week routine during shower. now you know why it took quite long for me to have my shower during weekend. i felt so great. i just wished someone could do this for me. we could also have sex at the same time. wouldn't it be great.

i went to taiping yesterday afternoon for the pc fair- 11-13 august. anyhow i had lunch at a well-known local restaurant before i headed there. the responses was kinda good. i even bought myself a new set of pc for home, where the serviceman will only deliver it on friday or saturday. well talking about puter stuff, i always had invitaions for cyber sex. fyi i have web-cam both at home and in my office. but sorry guys, i am not interested in cyber sex at all. i prefer skin-to-skin. what the hell with cyber sex huh?!! you wanna know something people. some guys even backed-up when i refused to accept their invitation. fine. its not a big deal. that's not my style anyway.

i am looking forward for the gang bang session. at the same time, i must make sure that i will get to know you guys better first. so for those of you whose interested please email me at my hotmail and type the subject as gang bang with taurina. my id is

IviesBidesJuste 56M
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8/13/2006 11:27 pm

Sounds like my weekend almost. But did have a member drop by and let me give her a full body massage. *S* Some people have all the luck, I can't even find someone that can rub my shoulders right.

But I was a good boy for the rest and cleaned my condo up some and juiced some oranges. Still have about 5 pounds of apples now to juice. I know, boring, but thats just me. I don't buy processed juices.

rm_2spunkE 42M
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8/14/2006 9:41 am

hi,yeah,i am waiting for your next move.anyway,my weekend was cool,i mean hot!!!last saturday,my fuck buddy came driving 2 hrs north to ipoh just get a piece of me.we checked into a hotel here,and the tango started.slowly at first,but surely,sweet and short(we both had stuff to do that saturday).

while i was banging her,i could not believe the luck i was having with this "wrong number"!lol.can u believe my luck?wow folks!i kid you not.i got a call from this girl some months ago and apparently she dialled a wrong number.well,she called again to apologise and we got to talking,and now fucking!

one day i shall blog my adventures!till then,i must end this by saying that you're a real slim petite piece,and i'd love to work on gang bang for me please.i want you for myself!

all in all,a sweet week.

MooChoon 43M
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8/15/2006 8:21 am

dear taurina, i spent the weekend resting at home too, reading your blog, looking at your pic and having sexual fantasy about look so slim and sexy in the pic

taurina_gal 45F

8/16/2006 1:03 am

LBbackdoorman : would love to spend some time with you some day

2spunkE : glad you had a nice one.

MooChoon : hmm... slim and sexy you say- thank you- so that you could hugged me tight lol.

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