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8/23/2006 2:44 am

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8/28/2006 7:53 pm

happier moments

I skipped my first ½ day of work today. Hahaha… yea u read it- I skipped work earlier lol. My working hours are flexible actually. I could go in and out whenever I want to. It’s just the matter that I know how to co-ordinate my time in between family, work and leisure wisely.

I came in to my office after 2pm with one big smile. Staffs were wondering though hehe… in fact they were happy too when saw me in a good mood, which is great.

So you want to know too of what’s happening?

I fucked with an Italian man people! Yes I knew him from here.

Well of course I didn’t tell this to my staff- only YOU here.

Lastly we met for breakfast +/- 9am at the Casuarina Hotel, after numerous postponement of our appointment. It’s all because of me who am so bogged-up with work. Gosh… do I really look like a workaholic? I reached there about 10 minutes before 9 anyway. As usual, to lessen my nervousness, I went straight to the wash room first; as soon as I reached the hotel. I sent a sms to let him know that I was already there. I chose an out-door small table, just nice for our soon-to-be environment. I ordered a cup of coffee while waiting for him. Not long after that, he called me saying that he was just arrived. We finally met each other. He was just as what I expected- good looking (although this is not the number one list in my life dictionary), nice, nice and nice. In other words, he’s a Caucasian, that’s why. He only asked for a cup of coffee as he already had his breakfast. While I ate chicken congee (porridge). I managed to eat ½ of the bowl though as the portion was quite a lot. I’m petite people- I can’t finish it all.

About 10 something, we left the hotel in his 4wd. Looks like we had the same taste on the wheel but his’ a bigger version though. He asked me to show him Nashmir, an Indian restaurant in town. That was because he thought of bringing an Indian friend there, whose coming on Friday. Then he just drove all around the town, dunno where to go. He asked me, but I asked him back of what we should do.

“Kiss you”, he said. I was stunned. Unfortunately we didn’t have much time actually as he supposed to have an appointment at noon. He played with my hair, while driving. I know, from the way he looked at me, also played with my long hair, he was longing to feel me skin-on-skin.

We headed over to the Syuen Hotel instead. Once we got into one of the deluxe room, he held my hands while kissing me. I didn’t get the chance to even place my handbag on the dressing table and take-out my shoes yet. We did french-kissed- my favourite. He felt my whole body slowly from the top. He then took out my blouse, continued feeling my body~ touched and pinched my nipples, running-through my skin from the hands right down my pussy auww…

We lie-down on the big comfy bed. When he finally naked, he touched my pussy. He linger briefly, quickly brushing over my lower thigh... becoming more involved at my middle thigh... ravenous by the time he has reached my upper thigh and pure animalistic need consumes him as his mouth closes hungrily over my slit... tasting me for the first time, unable to hold back another moment. His tongue plunges in deep, entering the center of my pussy roughly... invading... exciting... collecting moisture... spreading... wriggling slowly up the slit... parting the lips... finally brushing over the hard nub of my clit, feeling the blood rushing into it... pulling away to look down and watch it swell... fully engorged in seconds... my hips thrusting forward out of pure need... seeking another lick of his tongue.

He continue his oral exploration slowly... deliberately for many long breathless moments bringing me to the edge of madness several times and refusing to allow me to tumble over it... pulling me back each time... his mastery over me complete. He rise and lay the length of his body tightly to my side... I took this chance to hold his cock. It was huge. I stroked it slowly and nicely. I couldn’t take it anymore that I sucked it hard. How wonderful. He was looking down at me... brushing his juice soaked lips over mine... sharing my sweetness with me as his fingers slide over my clit and inside me... bringing more and more liquid out of me with each penetrating stroke and letting it ooze into the crack of my ass... wetting me... his fingers probing deep... held firm against the rhythmic pumping of my hips. He lied down, while I faced the other way round for us to do 69. Once both of us satisfied, I turned back to the previous position. He continued finger my pussy for quite some time.

He reluctantly pull his fingers from my pussy and move between my thighs... He asked me to turn around, laying behind me sliding his rock solid cock smoothly into my wet slit... pumping it up and down a few times to coat it before settling his weight firmly onto me... becoming hungrier... He threatening to consume once again as the head of his cock catches at my entrance and the need to bury himself inside me overwhelming in its intensity. Growling in frustration as he once again regain control of himself and allow my pussy to nibble and suck his cock inside me... stroking in and out slowly... infrequently... enjoying the frantic, hungry squeezing of my pussy as it tries to draw him deep inside and keep him there... filling and stretching... He finally threw his cum behind my back.

He continue to kiss me... connecting... tasting... sharing... He also continued to finger my pussy, then licked it again and again. I also took this chance again to stroke his cock, followed by me sucking it hard.

He turned me around again. I could see that he likes doggy style very much. His cock strokes in and out of me faster and faster... our kisses becoming longer... more urgent... moans filling the screaming silence until at last the end rushes over us like a tidal wave... crashing down... bathing us in its rapture. He cum again. We kissed again and again… playing with each other more- he touched my pussy, playing with the clit and licked it hard. Like earlier, I enjoyed myself so much while stroking his cock and sucked it hard too.

The time was already over 12 noon. He fucked me again… this time with me lying down on the bed. His balls slamming into my ass hard just as his cock pumping in and out inside my pulsing wet cavern. I felt so good, mourning nicely. He threw his cum on my body this time. He played with my pussy a while then licked it as long as he could. The sheer intimacy of the act sending a spark of electricity through my entire body and making my knees weak for just a split second... long enough for him to dip me, making me completely dependent on him as he head dips even lower to plant one long, soft, scent inhaling kiss in the cleavage exposed. Uhh… I felt great like on top of the world. He really knew what he was doing to make me feel good.

We left the place only after 12.30pm. I later found-out that he has already postponed his appointment to 1.30pm instead. I didn’t realize when he does that. But anyhow we did enjoy ourself so much. He sends me back to Casuarina Hotel where I parked my 4wd earlier in the morning.

Thank you so much for the wonderful and great intimacy time together. I didn't really expect it at all at the first place. Anyhow I surely can’t wait for the next time.

p/s The next time I blog, I'll share with you all here of what we (the Italian man and me) discussed and talked during our meet earlier.

snowdragon2006 42M

8/23/2006 7:00 am

Yes, don't let work know, or they will want an Italian for breakfast also, and then no one will work until 2pm.

Hmmm, I'm sorry; why is that bad?

Take care...

IviesBidesJuste 56M
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8/23/2006 1:17 pm

Damn! After reading that, now I have my own problem here.
btw, great pic shot.

Now excuse me, I have to get back to my homework, have finals coming up.

montecarlo_sexy 41M
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8/23/2006 8:42 pm

to taurina,

fantacy, i had try once in the afternoon, really fantacy, i aslo skipeed my work and then meet the gal, finally we reach satisfication too.

now i'm looking another partner which will available at afternoon, am i the luckiest one, honey? find me at montecarlo300, h0t male, okie?

AcidHunk 47M
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8/25/2006 1:59 am


Cool . That what i call the Italian Job

No wonder lar tak ada reply sms , hot date lor



eros3v 44M

8/27/2006 5:34 pm

Dearest Taurina

It certainly fits into one of the discreet impromptu romps...Sounds like u really had an excellent & pleasurable time =P

Have a great week ahead!!!

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