I am coming for you.....  

tattooedartist 45M
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7/1/2005 7:55 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I am coming for you.....

I have been pouring over my journals for the past week. It is amazing to me how much I forgot, how much I will never forget. Keeping a journal was one of the best gifts I was given as a child. I have written in one since i was about 14. So much Ive written, so much ive lived and yes, so much Ive lost. But loss is part of life unfortuntely, as is the pain of it.

I leave this evening for a small trip.....I am to meet with a Gallery owner and with some possibble buyers for my next show.....more mediocracy. Who knows, we will see. I will be back on Tuesday and upon my return I will begin to deliver on my promises. Ive had to examine some things both emotionally and practically and make some decisions as to what I will and cannot share.

But I do wish you all a beautiful 4th of July and please do light a candle for me on this joyous day, as we celebrate what makes our lives what it is, I will light one for you, you can rest assured. I will light one as I soak in my tub and bring to life in my mind the explosion I am going to unleash on you upon my return. It is coming and I am going to hope you accept all its flaws, all of its insanity, all of its perfection and all of its truth, as it is and no more.

For now I leave you with a few dark poems, a kiss and my warmest embrass. See you in a few days.



pussnboots694 74M/79F

7/1/2005 10:22 am

There are not right or wrongs
acceptance is freedom of expression..

In thoughts of you, soft whispers..

rm_bella_ 48F
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7/2/2005 1:34 pm

Many times I try to evaluate what should be shared and what should not. Of course the more you open up the more vulnerable you are to attack. It is more difficult to open up in real life depending on the company that is kept. To open up here is freedom, it is life as it should be lead be it we are judged or not.

J...be free...if not me for but for yourself as that is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself.

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