Hands of time.......  

tattooedartist 46M
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7/14/2005 12:55 pm

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Hands of time.......

Last night I got dressed and headed out for a night of meeting new people and making new friends. This is a new town for me, this good size suburban town in Central Indiana. Ive worked in and out of this town for some time now but never really been involved in the community at all. Now that I am livning in one of the oldest houses in Lafayette...people want to know me. Odd feelings and circumstances have enveloped from this move. The good people of this town are interested in understanding the man who is covered in tattoos but has a love of antiques. I am assuming that they, like most, do not seem to think the two go together.

I have been invited to a formal party at of all places, the historic society. I cannot imagine what they are expecting but my landlord is so pleased with all of the work and money I have dumped into the new apartment that he has bragged it to the point that I really dont have a choice but to go. I am sure the next thing to happen is everyone will expect me to have an Open House, so that all can come and view what Ive done with the place. I guess here in Indiana, there is nothing else to do.....no, there is not.

To add honey to the pot, accross the street from my house is a place called the Renissance Center (did I spell that right?) and it is filled with artists of all kinds. Now they have heard I am a painter and sculptor, that I was a scholarship student at the Art Institute and they want a peak at what makes the art world tick. Ive seen the art going on here in town and let me just say, I dont plan on making any big sells around here. Ive talked with my manager and although he laughed, he assures me I I should go, so go I will. I will plaster a big smile on my face and do what I can not to scare people to death. I am very capable of being charming, witty and well mannered....to the point of utter death.

I only write of all this because it is on my mind. FOr some odd reason, no matter how I feel about it, it always unnerves me to make such an apprearance. Ive done it more than myy share of times for my art and there are times it makes me want to give up public selling altogether. I am anxious though, at what I might find, who I might discover locked away in the barn and feild painting hell of this mutant bliss. The one pure exctiing idea of all of this is that I might find people I can help with their art or careers....there is nothing I love more than helping someone rise to their potential or showing the world that it has overlooked something of great value and merit.

I have purchased so many new antiques of late for this new house. Once I started to take on all this "Historical Socieity" buzz, i got even more anxious and bought some more. Ive bought 10 new pieces total. I am terrible at the periods and actual names, so bare with me. Two Desks, a candle shelf, Red Velvet Victorian Fainting Bench, dressing chair, several statues and other small tables and mirrors and my best piece..... a large antique Bed. I think I have lost my mind. Once I saw my savings account, it confirmed the observation....lol.

So on with the new drama and excitement of finishing this house for my new life I go. I only have a few weeks to finish this for I have a world of painting to do for my upcoming shows. It amazes me how two worlds could be so far apart.

All in all and among all the chaos and mystery that weaves its bitter webb in and out of my mind....I still get caught up thinking of you and the possibilities I can imagine with you in my grasp.

When I think of it, I become so excited there is nothing to do but stop all time and ease what I can within. I sat here last night getting ready for a small preperation of the coming events and as I did so, I sipped the red wine that almost pulses through the veins of my blackened, bruised and awakened heart and I wished you had been here.....so that I could take you by my arm and watch the astonishment on everyones faces as we walked in the room. For once it would be beautiful, for I know they would not be staring at me.

I miss all of you I dont know and the questions have become my confort. You asked me a question that Ive still yet to be able to answer....by now youve probably forgot you asked it but it beats inside me with the passion only you can bring forth.......I will asnwer soon, if you still want me too. I will wait for you asnwer.

TIme, never having enough....never seeing it, never wanting to lose it....never being able to capture it. WHere does it all go if not down the seeds of our strength and onto the eternal clicks of our mortal coil.

I miss you, even though youve never been near.

Adieu to you all.....for now.


rm_NappingWench 42F
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7/14/2005 10:49 pm

your home and purchases for same sound as exquisite as you do....always a mystery and yet so beautiful - I'm sure it's breathtaking....

enjoy it...

(Princess Lips)

7/15/2005 1:59 am

Enjoy the new home and the old treasures...

What's really cool is if they could talk...
what would they say about thier past owners- and lives?

Enjoy making new memories with them...


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