Thursday 2-23-2006 41 new emails  

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Thursday 2-23-2006 41 new emails

I had a LONG night last night, which I'll cover in another blog posting. So, I'm exhausted. If my usual level of wit isn't present, don't say I didn't warn you...

Today's emails consisted of about a dozen new ones (nice to hear from you again Jim and Doc) plus a whole lot of messages from the last 2 weeks.

Compliments: 10 emails were compliments, some about my pictures, some about my ad, some about my blog. All were from nice folks that were too far away, too old/young, or married AND knew that they weren't a good match but still wanted to say something nice. I TRULY appreciate each and every one.

Anti-Compliments: 1 complete jerk. I was kind enough to respond to his first email with a canned message that said I was looking for a serious relationship (he was looking for a one night stand). He shot back that he was just dumped by his girlfriend and wanted to try TG's instead of genetic women. I emailed back, nicely, that I *am* a woman, just with male plumbing, and he should read my blog on how TG's think. He shot back that he was insulted by the "tone" of my email. I wrote back that I wasn't imparting any "tone", just telling him that I wasn't interested and suggesting some "self help" aids found in my blog. So, today's email comes in and says "Thanks for nothing. I went out with a he/she/it last week and we had a good time. I've blocked you so you can't send me any more emails." Ok then. I hope the person you went out with sees how you classified her as a "he/she/it", that is, if the person actually exists (which I doubt). If there was ever a person who I'd suggest some therapy for, it would be this guy. Unfortunately, because I took the time to even respond to him, he feels he has the right to abuse and unload on me. I feel sorry for the woman he once went out with, and any future dates me may have.

Too Far: only 1 today, from the midwest.

Penis Pics: only 1 today.

No Information: 5. If you take a moment to put up a meaningful ad, you can hope to attract interest in yourself. If you don't bother, why would anyone want to respond to you?

One Night Stands: 8.

Married: 1.

Clueless: 2. One was married, looking for a disceet relationship, in Indiana but willing to meet me on 2/9 in my area because he would be here for business, no mention of TG in his profile, and included a picture of his penis. That's a new record: 5 complete turn-offs! The other was looking for a man, had a picture of himself being penetrated, a picture of his penis, and was in NY. That's only 4, good enough for "clueless", but not a record. LOL

And, on the discussion topic... "Am I preachy?" I am. I'm definitely outspoken when it comes to treating TG's as women. I'm definitely outspoken about being treated as a person. I'm assuredly outspoken about my desire that TG's aren't "She-Males". And, I'm unequivical that I be treated with the respect that you'd afford anyone you were hoping to date. So, am I "preachy"? Absolutely!

"Stay Articulated"!

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