Monday 2-6-06, Tired and shagged out!  

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2/6/2006 9:16 am

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Monday 2-6-06, Tired and shagged out!

Yes, there's a little bit of Austin Powers humor in the headline. The first movie was so clever and whitty. I was probably one of the few people on the planet that saw it in the movies when it came out. The second movie, while humorous, was a pale imitation of the first (although, I did enjoy the big dance number at the beginning!).

George and my tests both came back Friday. All negative, thankfully! I spent the weekend at George's, and am literally *sore* now. No, not from all the sex, but from George's idea of a fun Sunday! He took me rock climbing! Now, neither of us is exactly buff. I work out on the treadmill and a stationary bike at home three times a week. I don't, however, do strength exercises, so I don't have big arms (and who would want a girlfriend with big arms, anyway?) or a lot of upper body strength. George doesn't do cardio exercises, but has a smith machine in his house, which apparently he uses occasionally (no clothes draped on it). But, to be nice, George has a few extra pounds. When he said rock climbing, I figured we'd be going to a park hiking. No....he meant to a rock-wall climbing place! I barely made it up twice in an hour. George monkeyed up the various walls at least a dozen times in the same time. After I told him I couldn't continue, George took me back to his place and gave me a massage that had me melting into the bed. We took a nap, and when we woke up George was too sore, himself, to move without making "creaking" sounds. So, when the Superbowl preview came on, we were watching it in bed, snuggling and both trying to pretend that we weren't in serious pain. LOL. When I finally got home Sunday, I went straight for the whirlpool tub, placing the tube of Ben-Gay on the nightstand next to my bed. As I was drowning in the overwhelming aroma of the Ben-Gay, trying to find a comfortable position in bed, George called. He wanted to tell me good-night, and to admit that he was using a competing product on his sore shoulder muscles.

And now to the salacious part...

As you may have read in a previous blog, I have never had sex without a condom. Having been assured, through my own testing, that George and I were both "safe", I finally had sex without a condom. OMG! What a huge difference! Of course, I was a bit anxious about performing on George. Not anxious about the beginning and middle, but how I would handle "the big event". As it turned out, I need not have worried. George was in control enough to not try to force himself down my throat, nor force me to swallow it if I didn't feel comfortable doing so. I did, in fact, continue right to the end, although I was a bit surprised when it happened, and lost some onto my chest. I was a bit surprised to find it sweet. My own, the only come I had ever tasted, always seemed salty to me. When I remarked to George about it, he said it has something to do with being exposed to air. When George took his turn, I was unprepared for the huge difference in sensation between condom and no condom. They call people who can't hold back a "short story". Well, I was a haiku. Yes, less than a minute. It was a little embarassing. George was really nice about it, and promised that I'd be up to "over 90 seconds" by the end of the weekend, that I only needed to "practice". George and I "practiced" often over the weekend. He was right. The second time, I was up to a short story. By the end of the weekend, I was up to a short novel. George has the opposite problem. After the first time, he's like the 1000 page novel that goes on and on and on!

"Stay articulated!"

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