A Surprise via UPS, and a reconcilliation.  

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2/23/2006 9:58 am

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A Surprise via UPS, and a reconcilliation.

Sometimes it's the littlest things that'll melt your heart.

I left work yesterday with my blog about George and my breakup in my head. I had all those nice things to say about him, and only two negatives. One of the negatives wasn't really that negative, since he's more active and in better shape than I am. The other, his demand that I make myself more confident and a better person, is really an indictment of myself more than an actual complaint about George.

When we broke up on Sunday, he told me that he had ordered me some "sexy underwear" and had it shipped to my house. I was told to keep it, enjoy it, and that it was "custom made and non-returnable". Sure enough, yesterday when I got home there was a UPS package on my step. On the outside of the package was a shipping label from a California company that said it had been shipped on Tuesday of last week. At first, I didn't want to open it. I looked at the packing list that was taped under the label. The packing list was vague, just a couple of stock numbers and "corset", "skirt", and "per customer's drawing" as the descriptions. There was a copy of the credit card receipt there also. The items in the box were very expensive. I *really* felt bad. How could I accept an expensive gift from a guy that I broke up with?

I gave George a call. He wasn't home. I left him a message telling him they included his credit card receipt and that I couldn't accept such an expensive gift from him.

While I was waiting for him to call me back, my curiousity got the best of me, so I opened the box. Inside were three beautifully wrapped gift boxes. I opened them all. Inside was a black (my favorite color) leather corset, a black leather short skirt, and a black leather and silk "thong". For those of you with fast thought patterns, you're probably thinking "But, TG's can't wear a thong. It's impossible." and you'd be right. TG's cannot wear a thong. Zero support, zero ability to hide the goodies. But, this isn't a thong for a woman. It took me a good few minutes of turning it over and around to figure it out. The thing should have come with directions!

The "thong" is ingeniously designed for TG's anatomy. When it's on, under clothing, it shows the thin front and T back that one expects to see from a thong. Around the waist is a 2" wide leather with elastic band. Down the front is a 2" wide strip of leather that widens a bit as it goes down. Right before it reaches the root of my shaft, it splits into an "inner" and and "outer" panty. The inner panty is silk. There's a hole in it, surrounded by a rubber ring, to put my shaft through. Then, it continues (leaving no space for my scrotum or testicles) underneath and narrows as it heads up my back side. About half-way up, it changes back to leather and then hooks up with the waist band. Ignoring the outer panty, this would have only part of me tucked away, and the rest quite prominently displayed. Not exactly what a TG would wear out, and a bit embarassing, actually. But, there's another part. The outer panty is made of a heavier leather. It covers the inner panty. I can fold my shaft back between my legs, just like I do every day, and the outer panty covers. The outer panty is only permanently attached at the front. The edges and "tail end" of it are covered in velcro. The edges of the silk inner panty are also lined with velcro. Once I tuck, I can pull the outer panty around and attach the velcro. The outside of the leather has a thin emboss of labia on it. The inner panty is completely hidden once the outer panty is velcro'd down, so it looks like a thong at the top and a set of bikini bottoms in the crotch area.

George hadn't called me back, but I knew I needed to try out the panties. I was incredulous that it would actually work. But, after a bit of fiddling around, I was all inside and admiring myself in the mirror. I looked closely with a hand-held mirror from every angle. I was *all* inside. No embarassing scrotum falling out the sides. No embarassing bulging (even from behind!). The rubber ring around the shaft kept me partially erect, which helped keep the "tuck" facing backwards. The heavy leather and velcro kept me tucked close. It actually looked like I was a woman with a prominent mound and labia pushing against the leather panties! And, they were comfortable! Unlike being tucked against my skin, which causes me to sweat and the shaft to move around, always making me nervous about "falling out", the outer panty/inner panty sandwich of silk and leather gave me a feeling of freedom and confidence that was always lacking while wearing women's panties. As I was standing there, I got more and more excited by these panties. Even naked as I was, no one would be able to tell I wasn't 100% female! And that, unfortunately, led to the discovery of the insidious feature that is the downfall of these panties for daily use.

When I began to get an erection, the rubber ring around the base of my shaft did not expand. So, in a few moments, I was rock hard. I pulled down the outer panty, and then tried to remove the inner panties, but I couldn't get them off. The ring was tight around the base of my shaft and not moving. As I was trying to figure out how to get them off, George called. I confessed that I tried on the panties and now couldn't get them off. He suggested a cold shower. I told him I would return the corset and skirt, and pay for the panties, but he wouldn't hear of it. He asked me to put the credit card slip into the mail to him, and apologized, again, for "pushing" me. He ended the conversation with "If you can ever forgive me, please don't be too proud to call. I'm here for you." I put down the phone and had a good cry, sitting on my bed with the unremovable panties on.

After a good 30 minutes of feeling sorry for myself, I came to realize that George and I are "meant to be". I re-tucked (now a difficult task due to being fully erect), put on the corset (a bit tight) and skirt (a bit loose), covered myself with a long coat, and hopped into the Jag for a trip to see George.

When I reached George's house, it was after 9pm. I knew he'd be up watching a LOST rerun in his living room. When he answered the door, he seemed a bit shocked to see me. And, a sight I was. I hadn't thought to fix my makeup, so my mascara was all over my face. My eyes were all puffy from crying. I gave him a big hug, and he hugged back. My fantasy of walking in and whipping off the coat to reveal my new sexy outfit completely disintegrated as I broke down in tears in his arms. He, too, started to cry.

When we both stopped blaming ourselves and crying, I finally got my coat off and he got to see the outfit. He was, in a word, impressed. When I pulled off the skirt, he was even more impressed. Sleek and smooth, no embarassing bulges. I turned around and bent over. Still no bulges. He was smiling broadly when he knelt down in front of me, reached between my legs and pulled the outer panty free of it's velcro.

Out I sprung, beyond rock hard, now a painful purple color. His lips and tongue were soft. I didn't last long before I gave him his reward. When I had no more to give, he carefully tucked me back into the outer panty and pushed all the velcro closed. I raced up the stairs to his bedroom, where the panties finally let go and I was able to get them off. We made beautiful love for hours and fell asleep intertwined on his king sized bed.

I awoke tucked under his arm, as I had numerous times before. I felt "safe" and happy, moreso than any other time in my life. After we showered (together), I had to race back to my place to get clothes to wear to work. No time for "play" this morning, although I *did* want to stay in his bed with him *forever*.

I have the special panties in my bag in my briefcase. Before I leave today, I'm going to put them back on. George and I are having dinner. Not that we're going to a restaurant, or even take out. We're planning on having a "roman meal" in his hot tub, naked except for my special panties and his shorts. By the time the cheese, crackers, and wine is gone, I expect the fun to begin.

George told me that he'll buy more additional pairs of the panties, but with a larger diameter and softer ring. He said he designed them years ago for his second wife, the one "hung like a horny elephant" because no regular woman's panties would hold her bulk and he was tired of seeing her wear men's briefs. They are not available anywhere as a regular stock item. Each pair is hand made to fit the wearer. George told an anecdotal story about making some for Becky (who saw the previous wife wearing them), and finding that they just fell off of her because she had no real hips to hold them up. It took him several tries to get a pair that would stay on her and achieve the desired look. Back then, George made them himself. Now he has someone else make them for him.

So, I *think* this might be my final post on AdultFriendFinder.

Just remember to "Stay Articulated!"

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