E-mail starts my lastest fantasy...  

tastytreat2eat68 49
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7/29/2006 9:46 pm
E-mail starts my lastest fantasy...

I'll call him Mr. Big, his profile says executive type... I start thinking about going to his executive office for a meeting. I pull my long blonde hair up in a conservative knot. I have on a form-fitting suit, dark stocking and sky high heels. Sexy, not slutty. I go in to his office, tell the receptionist we have an appointment. He comes out, dressed in his suit and tie. I can tell he is nervous by the constant smoothing of his hair. We walk up the hall, into his plush office. He sits behind the desk, tries to act professional. I lift up my skirt a bit so he can see I am not wearing any panties. The conversation continues. I cross and uncross my legs, each time giving him an eyeshot of the honey. I know he has to be hard because I am so wet. What can we do? I can't leave like this and neither can he. He picks up the phone to call his assistant, he is trying to remain cool. I casually slide around his desk and grab his hard cock. He gasps a little, but covers it with a cough. He is still on the phone, trying to clear his calendar so he can meet me later. I undo his zipper. Pull out his throbbing cock. I am so hungry for him... he is so sexy sitting there being Mr. Big. I begin licking his dick, sucking it, slurping it, taking as much of it as I can. The wetness of my mouth covers him. With a glint, he hangs up, makes another call, while I continue to suck him off. He hangs up, knowing he is going to cum. I say, please let me taste you, but he has other ideas. He walks over to his door, dick still out, locks it. He lifts me up on to his desk and begins to fuck me. I am so wet from the pleasure of sucking his cock. He starts pumping me. I know he is going to come. I feel him shudder and the hot warmth of his orgasm. My clit is throbbing from my own excitement. Since he is 'the boss' during our hours together, I get ready to pull my skirt down and go. No, he pulls my skirt up and begins to suck on my clit. It takes just a minute to feel the explosion of my orgasm build. I feel my pussy contracting and pulsing wildly as I cum. Such bliss...I straighten up my hair, skirt and gather my notepad and pen. We are finsihed. He nods goodbye and picks up the phone to make a call as I am leaving.
His assistant stops me on the way out. Startled, I worry that his scent on me will revel our secret. But no, it is just a check, thanking me for my consulting, and an offer to schedule again for next week.

rm___poet__ 47M
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7/29/2006 10:35 pm

Mr. Big? Did you watch Sex and the City? lol...j/k


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