About Me - and why not I ask U?  

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1/18/2006 2:31 am

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About Me - and why not I ask U?

Middle aged, computer geek with adventure, former hippie, former strict upbrought Christian,

Have worked as: busboy(Mpls,Minn), cardboard box maker(student, Toronto), plant/nursery worker(Mpls), fruit manufacturer(San Jose, CA), charcoal maker (Springfield Oregon, looked like Mordor, almost got blowed up there), underground miner in British Columbia (Western Mines, Vancouver Island), Cedar Shake maker (Van. Is), Fire Trailing (Springfield, Ore), Hydro tree clearing (Alberta, Ca), Telephone Tech (Brockville, Ont), AirBorne Helicopter operator (Utah, Idaho, Montana, Van. Is., Alaska, Ireland, France), Computer Tech (Ottawa, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Toronto), Network Administrator (San Jose, Stockton), 18 Wheeler Truck Driver - BraceBridge, Ont, to Eastern Seaboard, US)., Telephone lineman - Niagara peninsula, Vancouver.

Now, on my way to Calif. to try to start a business.

Yes, brought up in Church, was a student/hippie in Cali, started messing with women/girls, almost got married, got broken hearted, traveled to British Columbia, really partied and played with a lot of women/girls, got bored, went to school in Toronto, worked in high tech for many years, played with lots of girls/women, especially French women in Ottawa/Quebec, got married, had kids, moved back to Cali, moved from there to N. Ontario, got betrayed, lost everything, started playing with women and girls, especially some really hot young girls from Lavalife who - I don't know why - enjoyed the whole bondage, spanking, M&S thing pulling their hair back, forcing them, OK - get the picture?

Young Canadian girls just love to be used, even by a guy who is no longer a kid and who has been with enough to touch them right.

Sometimes tender, sometimes rough.

Like my wine and steaks, not quite a gourment cook but have plenty of women ask how I make something. Have been working as a lineman for half a year and have missed my exercise.

Can make soap, beer, whiskey, candles from scratch, and lots of other things, read thousands of books, and have been on internet talk radio talking about climate change.

LUV, absolutely LUV, to eat pussy and worship a woman's body. Something almost spiritual about taking a woman's nipples or labia into one's mouth and licking, biting, gently sucking, and then using the teeth.

LUV a woman who uses her mouth and tongue on me.

Love to 69 and taste all those wonderful juices, and the subtle change in taste when a woman cums.


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