just to say a little about pride  

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8/6/2005 6:47 pm

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just to say a little about pride

Pride - is something that can give you a big head aka swollen ego. Or it can be used in a good way.. Such as pride in your children or loved one..

My pride or my being proud of my kids is probably grown or gotten stronger as this last week has been passing by.

Reason why - #1) Both my daughter and son chose to come back home. And when they found out I had decided to return to Oregon again chose that they want to be with their dad (ME). Which by Texas courts is their right and choice. Not myself nor my ex can make them choose.

Reason why #2) This past week as you can tell by my photo album a lot of work was done in my front yard. And today we started the backyard.. Although I only have them help me from 9am to 11am daily, prior to going and doing things with their friends. Two hours as most know is a lot of work from a 16yr old and 13yr old to do with out complaining. key phrase - without complaining .

It has been fantastic to see them try so hard and work together..

But the funny part was Bliss had told me that her boyfriend was comming over today.. So I told her if he doesn't help her get done quicker just to do the proper womanly thing and say "Yah know.. We could get out of here quicker if you get here and help." She said "Dad... You are soooo wrong for that. But.. Okay I will." Her boyfriend didn't even know what hit him.. He tried too turn her down to help and she used my line.. After she got off the phone with him she said "Dad.. How did you know that would work." I told her "How do you think your mother got me to do so much for her." And we both busted up laughing.. I looked at my son as he was rolling his eyes in his head.. And told him... "Son.. don't worry your doomed to the samew fate as all guys."

We all laughed and went outback to work in the yard..

It was a good day.


8/6/2005 11:53 pm

I am so happy for you that you have the love and company you so deserve and craved. Nothing is better that parent and child together.


taodoug65 52M
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8/7/2005 7:43 am

Ladies .. thank you.. very much... although I think I got more joy out of it then they hahaha

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