Watching TV  

taodoug65 52M
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7/23/2005 2:44 pm

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Watching TV

Today I sat down and I watched TV. And a comercial came on about a new drug being introduced to people that have cances. It is used to help increase your energy so you can live a normal life after chemo treatments. But at the end of the beautiful scene of the guy returning to work, and playing with his family, states that it causes nausea, shaking, and the best one that made me want to hit the TV was it can cause blood clots. Sooo if the cancer, and treatments for it aren't bad enough for your body. They are going to give you another drug that increases your chances at dying..

You see modern, everyday doctors never tell patience that if you have low enrgy, to increase your potassium and iron intake. As well as Vitamin B12. They don't tell their patience that a massage therapist can do a massage on you once a week. To increase oxygen flow in your blood stream to help get the bodies on natural immune system to react faster to healing itself. They don't inform patience to drink cranberry juice or other dark 1005 natural juices to help get the toxins out of your system.

It is amazing how medical science continues to use chemicals bad for your body and health to kill a disease that is bad for your health as well. So now you have to biological chemicals in your body fighting. BUt nothing natural to help it too heal. Instead they will heep on more toxins.. And when you die from all these drugs. Himan science states.. We did all humanly possible.. But if you ask the families of the patient they will all say... " I had no idea that natural medicines could have helped."

taodoug65 52M
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7/25/2005 9:46 am

It is not the just the TV's Fault.. The doctors should be intelligent enough to first give you a natural alternative.. But they don't HMO'S like to do quick fix medicines. That is why a year after they release the medicine. They are being sued for some ones death.

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