The lake  

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6/25/2005 8:08 am

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The lake

Lake Palestine in East Texas is at the back of my property. This is where I go during hardtime. or just to get away. It is my excercise, my peace of mind, and it feeds when I want.

Little recap of this week. Awana dragged me in the lake, a friend that was everything to me past, blogger's comforted me (thanks), she was laid to rest friday, and if she were alive now she would have been dragging me around my own house by the ear for drinking everyday.

Yesterday like all week, i spent here and going down to the lake. finally last night I went there spent from about 6:30 till almost 12:00 midnight swimming. Came back up to the house chatted or tried. Then I went back to the lake and laid out my hammock ties it off. And proceeded to relax. I figure what the hey. I had sobered up while swimming. Nothing going on. I still hurt inside. But my tears rain out. I stopped cry contiously. Now it just comes in spurts. So anyhow I laid back on my hammock. It was nice last night too. light wind always comes off the lake. And no matter how hot it is. As long as the wind is around. It will cool you down.

Ahhh. It was fantastic. I don't even know where my mind went after awhile. I just drifted off. When out of no where. Ommmph!! Comes my Awana. She had decided if I was not sleeping in the grass again. Neither was she. She had jumped up on the hammock and hit me square in the chest. Looked me dead in the face as I yelled out "Damnit Awana!" Then licked me in the face, smiling. I grabbed both her ears, shook her head, and told her to lie down... What else could I do.. Looking over the side Little 'B' My weener dog, And Highway the pit pup I just got 3 weeks ago are bouncing on hind legs waiting for a pick up. They are so dingy sometimes. So I picked them up and they shared the hammock with me all night under the sky. It is rimes like that. When I can't help but know. That I Love these three nuts of mine.

Thanks for Listening.

taodoug65 52M
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7/2/2005 11:59 pm

yes.. yah gotta love the pets. They make yah smile when it is needed

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