The flow of water acting as a lovers call  

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6/15/2005 4:30 pm

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The flow of water acting as a lovers call

One day I am going to find another woman another soulmate. This I know. Because I have faith in all the above. We will meet, talk, laugh, and play. Everything will just seem to go our way. And I will Love her.

You see people put a distance on far they will go to find that special one. To share their life with. I tell those that I meet, it matters not how far that I must travel.

You see if she is ment for me. The one I am ment to love. Then without her surely it will seem. Once again my life will start to unravel.

You see if she is ment for me, and the two of us fall in love. I will climb any mountain, It will not matter how high.

You see if she is the one ment for me then i willingly accept the wonderful gift of love, blessed by from above. I will make her my all. we shall give to one another everything.

You see if she is ment for me this, we will feel in our spirit that this is a love soon ment to be.

You see if you have lost a love or one has gone away you would understand. That love is a feeling that makes us complete. With that special love in life through one another you will better than any -one- man.

You see if I find a love ment for me. The most pleasant gift from sent to me from above. Then calm is the scene in my heart. Like a small waterfall off the side if of a mountain. The flow of the water acting as lovers call.

At that time the sun will shine
Soon.. it will be my day.

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