Silver Lining  

taodoug65 52M
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8/2/2005 4:08 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Silver Lining

I here this catch phrase all the time “MY EVERFAITHFUL FRIEND . Every cloud has a silver lining, It may just be hard to see.”

Through out my life I’ve seen my share of trouble. A couple of times I tried to touch the eternal night. A pain that on occasion has made me too bloody to fight. You see, it does not matter anymore. My mind can fly apart, feeling like a mugger in the darkness, or an arrow in my heart.

The darkness tries to kill me. It works to grind me down to powder, Like a stone beneath the cart.

The Darkness, is so Smug . Nothing but shadows. Darkness knows nothing of honor, it has no part with light. It causes you to hear a babies' cry of fright. You cannot always see , the demons in the night. Giver’s of my torment. That block out the light. Their weapons are fear, pain, and hate.

But my friend has often told me, Although I lack for much in brains. I know darkness is a liar, A few weeks ago I gave this friend the reigns to my life one more time.

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