SHouldn't your doctor tell you about a natural way  

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7/25/2005 10:07 am

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SHouldn't your doctor tell you about a natural way

They cry that the reason medical costs are so high in the US is because people always are so eager to take a doctor to court for medical malpractice. Because of a mistake made in an operation or treatment.
Yet what about the patient that is now on the other side of the grass laid out on his/her back. Standing before the pearly gates saying “how in the name of ------ did I get here?” Or what about the family that gets to bury a loved one.
Did the doctor just use quick fix meds. Given to him to test on his patients as so many do.. Come on … We all know pharmaceutical companies say “Here see how this works.” And if it does then all they need is four more out of five doctors to say it works.. Then they can advertise it.
Doctor’s should by law be forced to exhaust natural alternative treatments for people that are ill. Before prescribing medications that have after effects, such as nausea, shortness of breath, sleeplessness, dizziness, blood clots, birth defects in unborn..
Hell if you can’t give the meds to a pregnant woman because it might cause birth defects in the unborn child… SHOULD THAT NOT SAY IT IS UNSAFE FOR HUMANS PERIOD….
Look I Am not against modern medicine.. I am only against it as a first line of defense… You have a baby with a fever.. You take it to the hospital because it might have a serious problem… But if you know a child has an ear infection… put a heating pad down to keep the ear warm.. And cover it… so no air goes in.. Simple.. A doctor does not prescribe medicine to a baby unless there is something life threatening. All the meds a doctor gives you for a child are very basic.. Why….Because a childs body has to develop.. But yet as an adult you will trust every chemical he gives you.. With out think there might be a natural alternative.
You are thinking.. Oh Yeah Doug… Look at you… You have hydroquinone in 500mg tablets for your headaches. And I will say “Yes.. And even that is not strong enough.” I still have to call a friend that is a massage therapist also. To come to my house. And give me a massage. Because the hydroquinone is only a temporary pain killer. But what my friend does straightens me out for another week.” So think about it… after my friend is done.. I can go a week and just use bayer as a pain killer for headaches.. Can you?

taodoug65 52M
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7/25/2005 10:10 pm

Good.. Self hypnosis is a powerful healing tool. I use it myself. Course I call it meditation. which is easy since all I have to do is look at a wall.

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