Horseback riding  

taodoug65 52M
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9/23/2005 6:54 pm

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Horseback riding

Well much to everyines surprise I went horseback riding this afternoon.

You would not believe what I went through to go.

1st - I was told not to go.. Shee iit. I am 40 years old - they actually thtought I would listen.

2nd - My mom tells everyone in the house if I want to go. I have to saddle the horse myself. Knowing damni well I am not strong enough anymore. Little did they know that although I am weak in body.. I still know how to use a pulley to hoist up the saddle with little strength at all. All I did was throw a rope up over the rafters in my barn and tie it onto the saddle. Then hook it upto the wench on my truck to lift it up.

Silly family I have.

All said and done it took me an hour and a half to get the horse saddled up. Then I let him walk around the corral while I took a nap.. By 1pm I was singing back in the saddle again. Much to my mothers dismay as Smokey and I came around the front of the house on 'Blue's back' with a big old grin on my face.

I went riding for 4 hours. Smokey did real good he pretty much just walked up and down my chest and "Blue's' neck and back. I was waiting for "Blue" to throw both of us off. But she paid no mind to Smokey at all. She (Blue) is the sweetest mare I have been on in ages. Course it is a good thing 'Blue' knows her way home because somewhere during that time I fell asleep.. hehehee... I woke up when she had gotten us within 30 minutes from the house.. I am glad I chose her. My Uncle was the one that let me use her telling me she was gentle and no matter what happened would bring me back to the house..

Well that is enough of the adventures of Douglas.. And his now famous horseback riding kitten Smokey

up2nogoodgirl 44F
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9/23/2005 11:23 pm

smokey must still be small if shes able to explore on horseback with you..youve made me miss my mountains an riding now

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