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8/23/2005 9:20 pm

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Another day

Well....... This I thought was going to be a good day. I mean.. don't all parents look forward to the first day of school like I do? I mean after your kid hits middle school.. The broke hearted parent that drops the child off for school the first year is usually accustomed to it by then right.

Anyhow back to today.. First I take my daughter to the High School. Now there is only one driver more dangerous then a 70yr old woman propped up by pillows, so she can look over top of the steering column. And that is the notorious, Mario Andretti wanna be teenage driver, thinking he can whip his momma's car into a tight spot, and yell hey mama to a girl in a car not noticing her dad is driving till after he has said those words.

Yep you guessed it. I put my truck in park. Hazard lights on of course. THen tell Bliss "you just inch my truck forward when I step out."
Her face got red from clenching her teeth and asking me to not do anything.I just looked at her and said "Now."

So I stepped out of the truck walked over to the kids car. And said "Get outof your car. Have your buddy drive for a bit. And you walk over to my truck and apologize to it for almost causing it to run over top of you. Then you apologize to my truck for making me use the breaks to hard. After which you will apologize to me for disrespecting my daughter. At least your little punk ass could have done was put flashers on,. Before jumping in front."

His dumb little friends in the back seat both looked at me and decided to say "He ain't do nothing." Prior to me grabbing the driver by the front of his shirt and back of his head, Just to be ripped out through the window..
After which I looked at his friends and said 'I will take your apology now. Or come in the car and get it... Well to summerize this event.. Yes cops showed up.. And gave the kid a ticket after half dozen + some dad's got out of their vehicle to say that the kid had provoked the whole thing.. Course if you looked in their vehicles. All had daughter's. Hopefully the cop did not catch that..

After dropping Bliss and Doug. My body had a chance to go ahead and let remind me of my age and its condition. All I will tell you is I am glad it waited till I was home. AAnd I thank GOD. As well for given me a little strength to hold my mind and body together for that short period.

After taking my meds and being unable to function till about 3pm so I could go get Blis and DOuglas. I went straight back to bed and woke upto do this and read some things On a lighter note. Funnny blogs today in blogland, a song about boobies and noobies. Going to a funeral in shorts and t-shirts.

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