I know this is late..  

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5/23/2005 7:13 am

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I know this is late..

But me being a newbie. I wanted to give this to those read in blogs. It was a mothers day poem written for this past mothers day here in 2005 by dgh

When we were small, just a child, or perhaps in our teens you learn that life surely will go on.
Parents, relatives, and friend’s help us grow. Our everyday lives are filled with dreams and stories.
All the while hearing about accidents, pain, and innocent young children dieing. It always seems to be those we don't really know, and yet still ask why.
Then that one day comes into our life and we hear bad news. Now it has touched our home, the feeling of safety is lost.
A friend or one of our school mates has passed and that feeling of being alone catches in our heart.
You’ll look to heaven for an answer to a simple question “Oh Lord! How could this happen to your child. How can this life so young be taken from us. It should have been me.”
You will feel a gentle comfort come over you, and an understanding. Life is for living, this we are taught as each day passes. So grateful are those of us for parents, family, and friends.
During these time of trial and tribulation is when all of us realize that the gentle comfort, and understanding that helps us through, comes from our mothers. The one that has always been standing by you.
And with god’s blessing she’ll be the one who will help get us by. Mother’s cry, and rejoice when we enter this world. And drop to their knees, and weep when we leave.
These friends of ours that are removed in their prime are missed very much. You find yourself looking for them everyday about the same time.
Perhaps it is really for ourselves that we grieve. At the still unanswered questions.
What about this child’s mom? So with out a thought as to where we are today. I ask that you bow your heads. And pray “Thank you lord for my mother on this mother’s day.”
And perhaps if you know a mom that grieves over her loss. Stop by her house and give her a hug. Guaranteed she will look at you with nothing but love. Probably kiss you, and heave a deep sigh. She will then ask you the biggest question of all. “WHY?” Only to drop to her knees and cry.

To my children

To my children. I know you will soon be asking. Why did you leave us? Why did you have to go?
What did we do? Please daddy we need to know. You left when your job was unfinished. You promised to wait.
When you left us. It tore a whole in our heart. It was abandonment. A loss of fulfillment.
We were so full of questions. You promised to solve. DADDY! Why did you leave? It was not your time to go.
But I want to tell you in this letter. I love you. And I am glad to have played the role of a father. Because my children I promise your are the greatest gift sent from God to me.
My life was so good. Through our laughter, anger, and tears together we lived as life was meant to be.
I thank GOD in heaven each time he showed me how I needed the two of you. And will miss you so. Please forgive me. I tried to stay as long as I could. But god has beckoned and told me now is my time.
He has taken away my pain. And now I can sleep. I have waited so long. Please understand.
But don’t worry. Each night when you lay your head to sleep. I will come to you, to dry the tears from your eyes. I will walk by your side and help you work through the questions. So don’t be afraid I have taught you all I know.

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