HOT SEX is natural  

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8/2/2005 10:03 am

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HOT SEX is natural

The Hot and New Age female, deliciousngood from the Tantra Sacred Sex group recommended we all read an article on how our human bodies are created to have divine HOT SEX!

How our minds create divine Hot Sex naturally.

A scientist by the name of John C. Lilly did some studies of monkeys' minds in the 1950s. He found four places in the brain that control the sexual responses of male monkeys. Just like human males, male monkeys tended to be hornier and easier to measure for arousal and orgasms and also, were easier to quantify, then were female monkeys.

But females, he determined, had the same brain responses, but obviously, and we are adding this thought, most women tend to have more control and are harder to turn on, then horny men, who it has been said, think about getting lucky every 60 seconds, or something like that...

But then, maybe women have been conditioned by their mother's and society, to exert better control, and be afraid of sex...

Lilley found that arousal (erection)occurred in one place in the brain, another controlled muscle contraction for ejaculation, a third part of the brain caused the orgasm itself and the sensation of sexual completion, and then a fourth part of the brain, that when it was stimulated, would start the whole sexual process over again. Thus causing the monkey to experience erection, ejaculation, and orgasm again.

Now, it makes sense to us, that if monkeys can do this naturally, then humans should be able to do this also.

And since we are more conscious of and aware of our human bodies and our environment than monkeys are, we are able to control and be aware our sexual experience.

So, in strictly biological terms, the practice of tantra can be seen as somewhat like the practice of biofeedback training. It is sort of like learning to wiggle your ears. It's something you have to work at, and be taught how to do because tantric techniques and wiggling your ears have not been something we have been taught.

Even now, the schools do it because parents have not, and it is about the biology of the body and having a baby, and the students still are not taught how sacred sex can be, and how wonderful it can be to experience...

And fear of sex is the biggest message these kids get, not how natural and enlightening sex can be when we understand how sacred and powerful sexual energy is to our human body/soul and our spiritual energy.

Once you experience tantric techniques, you will feel your soul and spiritual energy, just as yoga makes you aware of breathing and your body/soul.

Human beings are naturally equipped to create and experience spiritual energy. Quakers and Shakers quake and shake to cause and feel this spiritual energy.

Just let tantra or other like techniques make you aware of how to be conscious of your love making, and natural sexual energy. The cosmic fire this conscious loving sexual energy will create in our world,is what the Age of Aquarius is all about.

And it is no accident that we, over the past 100 years, have evolved so quickly. If you saw the "Into the West" tv series on TNT network recently, you saw how primitive we were as humans just over 100 years ago.

Cars, the telephone, transportation network, air conditioning, radio, tv, medical advances, the computer, atomic power and bomb, this web we are communicating on, and the list goes on and on as to how we have used our minds to be so creative.

And yes, suicide bombers, dictators, mean evil people still exist, some hiding behind religion... but it is time to see that the Age of Aquarius is upon us, and it is time for us to awaken to our spiritual power and love.

We have tried to explain how, because of natural spiritual parts of our sacred human being body/soul, we can light this cosmic fire of spiritual love. We as humans just need to become aware of how to use these spiritual human being bodies/souls...

It is no accident that we here at this site are so attracted to sex. We are drawn to it because we feel its' power, and our spirits are awakening to this sexual power.

thank you for reading this...

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8/7/2005 12:53 pm

Good reading and brings up many questions e all have regarding the oppisite sex and the way we were brought up.

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8/7/2005 8:23 pm

GWD.. there seems to be a lot of "static" here..

ZEN... sex.. love.. connection..deep breathing..


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8/16/2005 4:39 pm

My post (directly above) is in contention in some way with AdultFriendFinder.. they seemed to have wiped out "anacortes"

Such an un-Tantric thing to do.. I still love them though.. I am "praying" that mamon does not ruin this great international experiment in "love" and sharing.

Namaste.... Frederick

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