tanker44207 73M
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4/26/2006 2:05 am

yesterday was a great spring day and i was feeling pretty chipper so after a gruelling day tooling my cab around i took off to my favourite woods to take some pics and walk my cocker spaniel. Not a hint of sex anyhwere in that right? wrong first thing i see at the parking lot is a young couple who plainly were doing the front seat samba and being frustrated by all the passers by . if looks coulda killed i would a been writing this from way above , inconsiderate pair pulled their clothing down bevore i could get my new digital slr to fire up . oh well give my cocker time to pee and smell the other dogs scent and on in to the woods andmy senses now in the first stages of titillation from the car park are inflamed even more by the cacaphony of sound fron the birds who are siugin their heads off to attract mates., not erotic ? i thinkn it is and was wishin for a female to accompany me [other han my cocker that is]. i am one of thaoise peopel who love the outsideworld and am affected by it . I toook some pics of a falllen tree and whatcha know i keep thinkin fallen ? women ? victorian ? lacythings ? over emphasised busts and booties oh chit move on think cold showers.

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