no matter what.  

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8/3/2006 10:19 pm
no matter what.

It is true that the looks of the people on this site is what catches my eyes, and there are a few of those that I wink at or send emails too. There are times that a handle or a smile will catch my eye as well, and many times these are people that are just average or even a little less than what I like. I find that after clicking on these pictures, and I read who they are and what they are looking for, I discover that many of them have indeed what I/we want. Plain and simple, it is the passion that they describe that really catches my eyes.

I am discovering that most people here and in life in general are very shallow. People seem to want a prize on their arm, one that can be shown off or talked about to others. It is like that inmate in jail for every day that passes by they make a notch in the wall, the same is true for most of the world. For every good looking person or every bling bling they have is another mark in their wall.

I put very little trust in mankind mostly because mankind is not trust worthy. This is why I limit my trust to a very few select people. If I feel that I can trust you then you have a friend for life.

A discreet relationship is just that, discreet. If you want a discreet relationship with someone on this site, then why does it matter what they are and what they are about. Some say that they have a wonderful relation with their spouse, but if it is so wonderful why must you have a discreet fling with someone. You can not be honest and discreet at the same time, At least not on here.

My wife and I want to spice it up a tad. I have no worries about it being discreet, as I do not care what others think about what I am doing or who I am involved with.

To all you pretty, high maintenance, self absorbed people all I have to say is get over yourselves. All you have to offer is your bodies. those of you that claim to have an education but will only seek a ten seems kind of strange. Having a degree does not necessarily make you smart or intelligent. A person who at the very least is smart will realize that everyone has something to offer whether thick or thin hot or not.

Anyone can have sex, hell animals do it all the time, and even cockroaches can have sex with out there heads on for up to 2 weeks. Why, because sex is an animal instinct, but things like passion and romance come from deep within our souls.

We have money, we have a very nice house, We even have a sports car and an SUV. We buy what We want and have what we need. We take trips and eat at fine restaurants. I do not care what you look like or how good you say you are in bed, if you are wanting a good time on us stay the hell away.

You people bass your relations on money and how a person looks. Yes I agree, there are less desirable people out there than we would like to associate with. There is always less attractive and always more attractive.

We want an athletic women, but by no means do we want some princess who requires maid service 24/7. We want athletic fairly attractive women because statistically these people have fewer health issues and are most likely into taking care of themselves.

Look I am not perfect, but I have seen plenty of not so nice things in my short time which has helped me develop my passion, romance, kindness for those around me.

We want someone real. No pretend parts, no one that requires 24/7 service, and no one fake. We want a women that is down to earth, incredibly sexy (inside and out) athletic but not over done, you know a real soft women.

If this BLOG pissed you off tough shit, If you liked it good for you, all I care about is reality and those that live with in it.

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