Showering before photo session  

tankbitch 50F
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1/5/2006 10:06 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Showering before photo session

I finished working out and decided I needed to have some pics on my gathered a few neccesities and went into the bathroom. I started by using the clippers to trim my pussy hair, having to be careful because the vibration made my clit swell up. Running my hands and fingers over my pussy and ass I made sure I'd trimmed evenly and started rubbing a bit with the juices that had started flowing.

I stopped myself from getting too distracted, but did pause to grab a small vibrator to take into the shower with me. I also have some benwa balls I use to exercise with and thought they'd feel nice...needless to say I didn't wash my hair first thing.

Hot water coursed over me, wetting my hair down as I lathered up my breasts, then slid my hands down between my legs. Closing my eyes I imagined having someone with me, rubbing my clit, using the juices from my pussy to lubricate the balls before sliding them in me one by one...insisting that I don't let them fall...or I might be punished. I clenched my muscles and thought it might make me cum just by moving the benwa balls inside me, but the vibrator beckoned and I touched it's tip to my clit. After playing like that for a while I decided to try something new and I placed the tip of the vibrator to my anus. A shock ran through me and I almost unclenched my pussy, but held on. I kneeled down and rested against the built in seat of the shower and started moving the vibrator in circles then slipping it in ever so slightly. I finally used my fingers to pull and twist my clit while I clenched the balls inside me and suddenly my anus opened and the vibrator slid inside a little further. I came so hard I shook for what seemed like 10 minutes as I caught my breath....

I'd love to have someone to help me with the shower part next time....and the pics...after playing with the vibrator in my ass I think I'd love DP.

rm_like_2_eat2 75M
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1/6/2006 12:41 am

I am going to put it plain and simple.....YOUR ENTRY MADE ME HOT AND HARD AND I CAME ALL OVER.
How I wish I could shower with you and wash your back (front too ..hehehe).
After the shower I would take the pics and then with a timer take pics of both of us in various positions.

Ready2Go471 44M

1/6/2006 1:54 am

That story got me so aroused. Thank you for posting. I forgot just how sensual and erotic a time one can have by themselves just by getting truly turned on at right time.

As for your DP idea, was that your first anal experience? If it was, you may want to try a few more (larger) vibrators first and even just having anal sex a couple of times first. Keep in mind that when you have a guy inside of you, it will likely be bigger than a vibrator and you won't be in control of the thrusting.

pleasurewithu2 50M

1/9/2006 9:05 am

Man, that makes me horny just reading your short story. I'd wish I was there to assist.

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