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7/16/2006 12:59 am

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Tampafem post Bricktown...

Ahh what a great evening spent with two good lookin guys and my bestest gal pal. Thanks to Scott (again a WONDERFUL surprise thank you thank you!), Jane, and Mathias for coming out to play tonight. Lots of fun was had by all. Great music as always.

OMG music blasts from the pasts when you go there and of course I usually end up saying "I have that STILL...on vinyl!"

Great stories from everyone....we danced for a while and with all the bodies it was VERY warm on the dance floor. We stayed til 2am. Then we were out in the parking lot talking for a while and I almost passed out. As in my knees almost on the pavement, things started to go dark very fast. I piled in Jane's car and we along with Mathias ran up to get some breakfast at Village Inn. I realized I'd been up 20 hours, had no dinner before I went out, 3 drinks and still fighting sinus infection. (Sorry for coughing so much everyone.)

I did make it home but almost hit someone and it would have been a REALLY bad accident. I was coming off the curve from 60 on to Independence (Vets) and the dumbass in the outer lane decides to try and curve back into 60 and begins to curve into me. I jammed on the brakes and held the horn. He/she finally straightened the car out and went on driving. Thankfully I didn't hit them.

Anyhow I have now been up 22 hours and it's time for bed. To the friend I talked to a few minutes ago I am so sorry you had a rough evening. Again many MANY hugs and you have two ears and two shoulders here for listening and crying on. Just remember you are surrounded by people that DO care about you.

gent4u813 63M

7/19/2006 10:19 am

Glad you were o.k.

Having a close call like that gives me the adrenaline jitters. Sounds like you were so tired that you probably had no trouble sleeping.

gent4u813 63M

7/20/2006 9:11 am

    Quoting tampafem:
    I tried to sleep as much as possible but my mother called me THREE times wanting to know when I was getting up.
LMAO so I am not the only person with a mother that will do stuff like that! Then there is dear old dad... I love to hear from him but he refuses to get a hearing aid and he can't understand 20% of what I am saying over the phone. Nothing like having to repeat every phrase 4 or five times

I am thankful they are still both around to do strange things

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