Some men are such assholes.......  

tampafem 45F
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7/23/2006 7:20 am

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Some men are such assholes.......

Seriously guys how many of you really feel that a woman who is 5'2" and 110 pounds would be FAT?

Because I just had this whole big discussion with a guy who was complaining about women he dates getting fat. When I mentioned I was working to gain 15 lbs and get back to the weight I was after I had my son he kept going on and on about how I'd look fat.

I've been through this already with one guy I was engaged to. I hit 100 lbs and he bugged me to lose the weight til I was back to 85 lbs.

It's no FUCKING wonder that women have eating disorders and die every day from them. My ex roommate was constantly fussing at me to eat, that I needed to gain weight. Sadly months later he own girlfriend died from starving herself.

Oh by the way I don't actually think that women who pose for nude pics are whores. They are women who are comfortable in their sexuality. If ya got it flaunt it

high_end_sports: most women are overweight - are you about five feet tall?

vicki: 5'2"

high_end_sports: you are wilder than I ever thought

vicki: Never said I was wild hon, just because I have an ad on AdultFriendFinder.

high_end_sports: just to meet people on this site, out in the real world

vicki: They are ordinary people when you get to know them. I like the group I joined, it's like a family.

high_end_sports: and you meet in person or just chat in the group?

high_end_sports: so what do you do to relieve your sexual tension?

high_end_sports: which seems to by why most have joined by the looks of it

vicki: I meet people. I do have a boyfriend I see once a month, LDR that relieves the tension or I take care of stuff myself LOL

high_end_sports: it is hard to stay sexually active in a long term relationship...

high_end_sports: just broke up again - off & on again

vicki: Long distance relationship. I have no trouble staying active in an LTR

high_end_sports: for me it is too much of a physical attraction I know

high_end_sports: women gain weight & it turns me off

high_end_sports: not fair, I know - it would be nice to have a sweetheart I could bounce on my lap forever, haha

vicki: Not me I plan on gaining weight since I'm 15 lbs underweight

high_end_sports: were you more before?

vicki: For me I have to be attracted to someone emotionally to be sexually attracted to them

vicki: After I had my son I was 110, good healthy weight. I was happy with the way I looked, was finding clothes that fit.

high_end_sports: oh, you shouldn't - all the studies show health is attached to maintaining a lean body type

high_end_sports: when you add skeletal weight, you add plaque in bloodstream

vicki: Since I've been underweight I've constantly had sinus infections etc.

vicki: 110 at 5'2 isn't overweight

high_end_sports: but more overwieght that the healthful minimum which is not what looks good in clothes

vicki: No sweetie 110 is not more than that, I talked to a doctor about it

high_end_sports: when lance armstrong had his cancer & lost 40 pounds he said everyone complained he was too skinny

high_end_sports: seven tour de frances later he realizes what the idea of healthful weight is

high_end_sports: just as low as you can go, haha

high_end_sports: doctors are not in the business of you being healthy, sweeeeeetie

high_end_sports: GEEZ, come on

vicki: Well I am planning on going back to 110 period

high_end_sports: you know what the common goal of physicians & drug companies is?

vicki: Not the doc I go to he's tired of seeing me sick every 3 months

high_end_sports: I know, and you are more determined because I am saying you are a fool

high_end_sports: had nothing to do with your weight

vicki: That's ok I'm saying the same about you

vicki: I liked being 110 I had an ass and boobs, don't have that at 94 lol

high_end_sports: damn - an allergy or sniffles is not unhealthy

high_end_sports: filling your bloodstream with fat is...damn

vicki: Sinus infections are though

high_end_sports: I lost 20 pounds & have no sinus infections

vicki: Putting antibiotics in your body every 3 months is unhealthy

vicki: You aren't underweight either

high_end_sports: this fool will get you fatter and have more prescriptions to write for you

vicki: I've been on antibiotics now for 3 weeks straight

vicki: I don't plan on going above 110

high_end_sports: when I got my heartrate under 50 my sinus infections disappeared

high_end_sports: used to have one every few months, some going into bronchitis or pneumonia

high_end_sports: so did I - antibiotics all the time

vicki: I'm still sitting here cracking up that you think 110 lbs is fat

high_end_sports: my internist went to jail for writing too many prescriptions

high_end_sports: by the way, that is the goal

high_end_sports: have every man woman & child in the world on a prescription

high_end_sports: how many pills do you take?

vicki: For antibiotics?

high_end_sports: and there must be others.....

vicki: Let's see this week it's one a day 500 mgs of Levoquin.

high_end_sports: antibiotics for what?
vicki: Sinus infection

high_end_sports: allergies?

high_end_sports: you need to exercise

vicki: I do exercise, thanks

high_end_sports: once you start gaining weight you are done

high_end_sports: and 5'2" @ 110 is bigger than you need to be

vicki: Whatever

high_end_sports: you just want bigger breasts & booty

vicki: No I want to be and feel and look healthy again.

high_end_sports: more shape in your legs - but what you see in magasines is 20 pounds added by camera

high_end_sports: these girls are six feet 125 or less

vicki: I don't even wear a bathing suit because all you see are my bones

high_end_sports: give me a break - I bet you look marvelous

high_end_sports: you are only 5'2" - damn.... I get these lingerie issues from playboy

high_end_sports: let me look at heights & weights - or my latest playboy, hang on - let's see what the centerfold is for July

high_end_sports: put money on it?

vicki: No because that's just ridiculous

high_end_sports: what is?

high_end_sports: here, I have it

high_end_sports: Sara Jean Underwood

high_end_sports: 32B 24 31 measurements

high_end_sports: 5'3" 103

vicki: Good luck finding your Barbie.

high_end_sports: you're the nut

vicki: You're an asshole

high_end_sports: I guess the whole world likes her dimensions

high_end_sports: good luck getting fatter & stopping, LOL

vicki: No the whole world likes the fact she's a whore

high_end_sports: you're the barbie - why change

vicki: i don't want to be barbie and live by what the world expects of me

high_end_sports: you have the body of 22 year old centerfold - the doctor you should be seeing is the psychologist, haha

high_end_sports: you are living by what the world expects you to - FATTER, haha

high_end_sports: I think McDonalds would be the quickest way

high_end_sports: let's see - you are 5'2" so stay around 100 - that would cover the ribs

vicki: Here's a question for you.

high_end_sports: yessssssss


high_end_sports: someone that has seen friends lose their health & well being gaining weight

vicki: I've seen women DIE from being underweight

vicki: Because all you men want is perfect
bodies, when you all need to take a look in the mirror

high_end_sports: why is it, do you suppose that you are skinny - now that I have taken your abuse...answer my question

high_end_sports: yeah, a few dozen

high_end_sports: MILLIONS die from heart disease

vicki: You're the abuser here

high_end_sports: but get fat - fill out that bra & the low rise jeans...just trying to use logic & reason so you would be happy with yourself now - ciao ....and you'll notice you are the one being mean - I'm just quoting scientific fact: research evidence, not the doctors that do surgery & sell drugs....go ahead, buy him a new mercedes...that's your new nickname on my list

NoLongerHere 56M

7/23/2006 6:21 pm

That man is FUCKED UP, babe. As you put on weight you look more healthy, not less, and your beauty just blossoms. I'm sure if you weighed 130 it would move past optimal, but ... 110??? Geezus.

Being at the weight he wants women at, with the body fat percentage he wants, has all kinds of negative effects on women. Their cycles get all screwed up, etc. It's not healthy. He's a nut, and a psycho.

I'm proud of you for standing up to him babe. *hugs*

TurnLock 60M
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7/23/2006 6:23 pm

By far the longest post I've encountered. You know what's good for you and if that means gaining weight the choice your. I'm trying to learn not to impose my will on others. I can comment or suggest, but some subject i'm learning just to avoid. Is your butt to big, should you lose 10 lbs or gain 10 lbs, is yellow a good color for me. My answer now is no comment or I don't know. Being wrong is better than the fight.

makehersmile7 42M

7/23/2006 8:58 pm

Right on girl! I could not see why you kept talking to him? This guy has no clue! You kow whats best for you. Dont let anyone tell you different!

Tikiboss34 46M

7/26/2006 7:09 am

what an ahole!

nikid_64 53F

7/28/2006 8:04 am

Things on this site never stop amazing me, he sounds very shallow. I agree with you, women should be comfortable in their own skins. Not everyone is attracted to supermodels.....

Niki {=} Happy in her own skin

Lioness_girl 46F
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7/30/2006 10:41 am

Sheesh Vic, what a f'ing jerk. HE has no clue about any of the medical profession whatsoever. He's all screwed up in his thinking.

You wanna get to 110 then go for it. You will be healthier and feel better once you get to that weight you need to be at. time, just put them on block and don't talk to them again. You don't need to be antagonized or have to stick up for what you believe in.



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MillsShipsGayly 52M

8/2/2006 3:18 pm

wandered over from another tampa blogger

that exchange is priceless ... some (lets say) people are ignoramuses...

looks like you have moved on just fine (after reading other posts)!

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