Quiz and Overheard in the Office  

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4/12/2006 4:57 pm
Quiz and Overheard in the Office

Am I a good cook?
I took a quiz over at Blogthings and this is what it said:

You Are a Learning Cook

You've got the makings of an excellent cook, and the desire to be one.
But right now, you're just lacking the experience. You couldn't be a top chef yet, but you could be an apprentice.

Found this at Overheard in the Office. Some people are just clueless *rolls eyes*

2PM Collate Receipts
Boss: Find anything interesting?
Employee: Yeah. Mexicans are bad tippers...Sorry, that was racist. Spanish people are bad tippers.

1100 Vermont Avenue NW
Washington, DC

I found a great joke I'll post later tonight and some book talk as well!

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