Nothing is ever...  

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7/23/2006 10:11 pm

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Nothing is ever...

as it seems. I was so excited about moving out on my own. At my mom's I wasn't allowed any visitors. So when I got my own place I pictured this constant flow of friends visiting. No one has visited in 2 months.

I'm avoiding the bed tonight it's too empty and lonely there. I have to get to sleep at some point. I have to get up in 5 hours for work. I had been sleeping but the neighbors dropped something and scared me half to death.

So as I was logging off a song popped in my head. Yes I don't hear voices it's a constant flow of music, I like to think it's my artistic side. I have been known to sing in my sleep, I know this because I've woken myself up doing it. I laugh too, etc. I make a terrible bed partner.

Anyhow I'll post the lyrics that I was hearing. It's by E.G. Daily and I'd be surprised if there was anyone out there who knows who she is. She made 3 records (I was thrilled tonight to know she just made another one!). She does do cartoon voices too but is best known for playing Dottie in PeeWee's Big Adventure.

I think soon I'll start posting stuff that I wrote from when I was a kid. I haven't written since I was 27. Writer's block. I don't even think it's that really. Just a part of me that died away that I can't get back.

Reach Out
E. G. Daily

When I look, I see you there,
See your face is everywhere,
'Cause it's in my soul,
God, where did you go? Woh-ooh...

I need my friend, that something from your eyes,
And to feel again your heartbeat next to mine,
Oh I need my friend, woh-oh...

Reach out, reach out, send a signal tonight,
Wo-oh oh wo-oh, hear me callin', and I want stop callin',
Reach out, reach out, you got me takin' a ride,
Wo-oh oh wo-oh, got me fallin', but I won't stop tryin'

I won't stop tryin'

Feel you shadow dancin' near,
When I dream, I dream you're here,
And never let me go,
Where did you go? Wooh...

I need my friend to hold me through the night,
And to feel again that everything's alright,
I just need my friend, woh-oh...


(Na, nana-na, nana-na-na) I won't stop tryin',
(Na) Won't let you go, (Nana-na, nana-na-na) wooh wooh...
(Na, nana-na, nana-na-na) I won't stop tryin',
(Na, nana-na) No no no (Nana-na-na) No...

I need my friend to hold me through the night,
I need my friend,
And I won't stop tryin', I won't stop tryin'...


swmjax 62M

7/28/2006 10:47 pm

Just wanted to say hi and how nice it was to chat with you this evening. Will look forward to meeting you at the Brickhouse tomorrow night.

After a 27 year marriage ended I moved into my own place June 26. This is my first apt by myself and can totally understand your loneliness. It got so bad for me I got a kitten. he is adorable and I wouldn't trade him for the world. At least you have Austin. BYW, Austin is the name of my neices baby who also carries the same name. He is 5 y/o to. Only problem is he is in NYC so I doubt I'll get to see him for quite a while. Children are the reason for life. I love kids and truly enjoy their company. The problem for me is that my kids are all grown and their babies are too far away for me to visit. So before you complain about Austin think of what life woould be if he wasn't in your life. See, I knew that would cheer you up!

I'd love to offer to console you but don't want that to be taken out of context. I really mean it when I say I'd love to take your worries away as I know what it is like to be a single parent. My ex was a single parent of three boys when I married her.

She was 33 and I was 23. We had a pretty good go of it for 27 yrs but grew apart and found comfort in making each other miserable so I left before we hated each other.

I gave up any chance of me having children of my own (vasectomy) and chose to love her kids as mine. Maybe that was the wrong decision or maybe it was right. Since I left their mother, two of the three boys still love me and want me in their lives but the middle boy has yet to even speak to me. So, I guess you know where my thoughts have been.

He has two daughters that I am very close to but haven't talked to since Oct. They live in Colorado Springs, CO and I have yet to visit and doubt that I will anytime soon. Both for finantial reasons as well as I don't know if they want me in their lives anymore.

Believe me when I say I understand loneliness. I have been here about 5 weeks now and have made only a handful of friends. Mostly on AdultFriendFinder off TASA.

Although we had a rocky start, Susan and I get along pretty good now. Sapphire and I also have a pretty god relationship and in fact, I may head over to her and Gary's place Sun.

Met Cat, Buccfann, and she was nice (much prettier in real life then her picture) and Cat, an evening nures who does sleep disorder studies. now she was a real trip and someone I'd love to know better. She seemed so cool and down to earth if that makes sense.

Wel it is late and I need my beauty sleep. Hell, I need to sleep like Rim Van Winkle to be

With that I'll go and will say I look forward to meeting you tomorrow.

Sincerely, Ned aka swmjax

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