I am soooooooo irritated  

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6/27/2006 3:26 pm

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6/29/2006 4:30 pm

I am soooooooo irritated

So I went to the walk in clinic that my insurance allows me to go to. Why? Because a regular doctor couldn't see me until 7/5, even though I told them my eyes were infected along with my sinuses. WTF is the point of insurance if you can't go to the doctor when you are SICK??!

So I go to this clinic. The only one that's friendly is the receptionist. The nurse practicioner is very short with me. The doctor (help me) I wanted to choke. I tell her my symptoms. She looks in my ears and my throat. Normally with a sinus infection you look in the nose and with pink eye you look AT the eyes too. So we finish and she FINALLY agrees to give me drops for my eyes even though she says that "Well we aren't sure you have pink eye." Um ok let me get this straight. I have/had(?) a sty in my eye last night. The white bubble from that I can no longer see so I don't even know if I still have it. It hurts in both eyes when I blink and they burn. Plus they are really red and bloodshot. But um ok so WTF is it then? You would have been able to tell if you had looked at my F'ING EYES!

Needless to say I got my antibiotic which she didn't want to give me Augmentin. She said she didn't like it. I had to argue with her that that is the only one that gets rid of the infection in about a day or so. Geez lady don't ask me to tell you which antibiotic I want if you aren't willing to give it to me.

On a down note. The pharmacy is out of the eye drops. They might get them in tomorrow morning or tomorrow night. They aren't sure.

Just someone shoot me please....so I'm out of work til Thursday. Hopefully this is pretty much cleared up by then. John and I are supposed to go out Friday night. Right now I'd like to just admit myself to the hospital, have them hook me up to an IV and wake me up sometime next week.

On another down note. My mom took her dog to the vet. Her uterus is full of pus. Gross I know. So they are treating it with antibiotics, if that doesn't work it will be time to say goodbye to our beloved Schnoodle.

Blankie, 2 kitties, some hot tea, a book and a good cry are on the agenda tonight.

gent4u813 62M

6/28/2006 10:00 pm

You have had a tough couple of days. Please don't get me started on the medical industry. Unfortunately I have had quite a bit of experience as a customer...LOL Plus my spouse is a professional in the industry. It ( the medical delivery system)is really f....d up. The thing is that she and MOST of the staff really do try their best to help people. It is major frustrating when we have to deal with the system because it is obvious how people sometimes are screwing up/off and just don't give a damn. On the other hand, I had an ultrasound today and everyone was really nice and competent. Three weeks ago I had to have some x-rays and they were incompetent, rude and I believe that they performed the wrong tests! Still waiting on that when I see my doc for the follow up.

I won't ask how you ripped the fingernails... I know it must really hurt like hell. I have lost a few over the years... mostly hitting them with hammers!

Ya know, I have a sty in my left eye... it seems to be clearing up on its own... my cat is in the vet with an eye infection. Some nasty tomcat tried to evict her from her home under the porch a couple weeks ago and there was a baaaaad fight. It was getting better then it just swelled up and now she is getting antibiotics. I hope she will be OK.

Hopefully your issues will all be resolved or at least on the mend for the weekend. Chamomile and mint tea works wonders for me, especially with a touch of whiskey and lemon. Feel better,

heavensent11236 53F

6/29/2006 1:23 pm

Just some words of advice I learned the hard way. About 6 months ago I had something very similar happen, except I couldn't open my left eye AT ALL. I went to the ER because the damn thing was killing me. Felt like someone was stabbing me in the damn skull anytime I looked at light. AHole doc ended up misdiagnosing me as having "pinkeye", a week later I went to an opthamologist, just in the nick of time, he said 2 more days and I would have lost vision in that eye completly and permanently, 2 entire months of almost daily visits to save it but is almost back to normal. Sinus infection go to regular doc, anything to do with your eyes go to an opthamologist, they are the eye experts and the waiting list isn't anywhere CLOSE to be as long. Guessing you wear contacts, so do I, just don't take any chances is what I'm saying.

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