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7/22/2006 4:49 pm
Books n more...

Let's see I've been promising to write the list of books I've read since I moved in April so here it is, the number to the right is what I rated it on a scale of 10.

I *think* this is the complete list. Hard to tell since livejournal is down. Yoohoo is too so go figure?? I'm wondering if there isn't a virus or worm running rampant today on the 'net. As soon as it's up I'll list all the books I've read for the year so far. The goal is 120 books

Centaur Aisle-Piers Anthony 2/10
The Wildflowers, Jade-VC Andrews 8/10
Witch-Christopher Pike 5/10
Lirael-Garth Nix 6/10
Light on Snow-Anita Shreve 1/10
Pobby & Dingan/Specks in the Sky-Ben Rice 8/10
The Fur Person-May Sarton 2/10
The Body Artist-Don DeLillo 3/10
The Stepford Wives-Ira Levin 6/10
The Soprano Sorceress-L.E. Modesitt Jr 9/10

The good news today is mom got me more ink for my printers so I can print more labels for Bookcrossing. If anyone else is on there my id is Vicki9170.

I got Austin a workbook for 1st grade so we'll work on some of those exercises this evening and on his reading as well.

I have an eye exam scheduled for tomorrow but I'm not sure I'm going to keep the appointment. I need to because of the stys but at the same time I can't afford the $50. I need to call the insurance company and see how much it would cost me to go to an opthamologist that's on their list.

Regular doc appointment for me and Austin on 8/2 and he goes back to school on 8/3.

Still trying to finish getting the rest of my stuff out of her apartment before she leaves on the 3rd as well.

Tomorrow is getting oil for the car, hair cuts, and laundry/cleaning duties. If yoohoo is working and you see me on tomorrow, if I don't answer it's because I'm cleaning

I had a chat with a fellow TASA member that made me smile, he couldn't believe I was 33, even asked if that was an old pic. That really made me laugh because in it's own roundabout way it is a legitimate question plus it was a nice compliment, so THANK YOU I told him anyone that's met me in TASA can vouch for me.

I've posted about hosting a movie night here at my place on the weekends, so we'll see if I posted the poll right LOL I am a bit worried about the response, because my place won't hold a lot of people. But doggone it we'll squeeze 'em in. It's also a kid friendly event so people that have kids that don't get out much like *me* can bring them. Austin will be happy to have playmates.

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