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I was 22 and just out of the Army. I met a single mom who was 28. She was introduced to me by a mutual friend. Curvy, busty redhead in Savannah, GA. Probably a 38D on top. She made it clear that she wanted me but couldn't do anything about it for a couple of days. I waited as the thought of being with her was very exciting. You know, the experienced older woman and the younger guy. Anyway, we went for a swim in the pool at her complex. She was very hot and bothered. Several years earlier, a friend had told me about performing oral sexxx on a woman. This was my first try at it. I brought her to orgasm and she had a big smile on her face. She pushed me back and went down on me. I had never had oral sexxx done to me before that moment. It felt soooooooooo good. Before I knew it, I let go while she was still sucking on me. It surprised her. She pulled away and swallowed and asked me why I didn't tell her I was cumming. I told her that it was my first experience with oral sexxx. She smailed a wry smile and told me that it wouldn't be my last...

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hahaha ..... really nice tail .....

as the sexy older woman 1/2 of this mfm oriented couple ... who has experienced a few young bucks, i really enjoyed your sexy tail ...... been there!!!! .. .actually had one go off over my breasts before i could suck it .. lol ..... it was in an mfm situation, my mate saw it and we giggle about it often ... sounds like u might enjoy some of our tails on our mfm blog


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