things are....  

tallLeanandbig 46M
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4/7/2006 8:57 pm
things are....

Getting somewhere. I've gotten a few perusals of my expanding profile and one very flattering offer. From a man. I'm not interested in guys but its interesting how I always get more offers from guys. No big deal, but where are the women at!! My cock in semi-hard and I can't stop touching it.

I still have to get my profile updated and upgraded. Its just hard to know if these things are worth it. regardless I've been very excited about the prospects. for varies reasons my attitude about things has changed greatly! Just today, I was vibing. I was at an art function and one of the gallery owners kept touching shaking my hand and leaving it there for a bit. Then when we parted ways our hands lightly caressed, my hand over hers. It was great! I love that sensual shit that doesn't have to be sex but you appreciate the chemistry. Give you a buzz. Besides, who knows what may happen later.

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